The Endless Line

The Endless Line (Post Hardcore) - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Formed in the year 2014, The Endless Line have strived to become the best act we can be, and more. Post-hardcore sound, and a little something for everyone.

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"Intentions" Single Review
The Endless Line's follow up to their previous "Going Nowhere Fast" single has the band continuing on the journey of creating one hell of an addictive Rock sound. Let's dive in to their new single "Intentions" and tel you why you need to listen to it right away. The track starts off with a melodic verse and pounding which lead to the explosive uplifting chorus. The chorus simply soars and keeps listener on their toes. The second verse continues the addictive nature of the track with melody that's out of this world. There's a Rock breakdown later in the track which helps kick tings up a bit. The track then dips down for a more melodic bridge to the incredibly infectious chorus. The Endless Line have done it again and created a single that will be stuck in your head for days.

Prepare to have this new single from The Endless Line stuck in your head for days on end.

"Going Nowhere Fast" Single Review
The Endless Line are a band from Colorado who incorporates a sound that is Post Hardcore with a little extra tinge of something more. Let's dive into their "Going Nowhere Fast" single and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with a build and quickly explodes into a melodic spacey Rock sound. The energetic verse keeps interest at a high until the chorus kicks it into the upper atmosphere. The track cranks it up a notch later in the track with an emotional transcendent section that includes breakdowns and melody that's simply out of this world. It's an incredibly contagious mix of Post Hardcore and Alternative Rock that meshes perfectly to create something truly special.

The Endless Line's newest single will knock your socks off with its melody and highly infectious sound.