The Eternal Daydream

The Eternal Daydream (Punk/Grunge) - Sweden

This trio uses the simplicity and dark atmosphere of a grunge band, the ferocious and aggressive soul of a punk band and the heaviness of a metal band to create a sound of their own. The riffs they cast narrates somber tales about mental health, buried in an melancholic in your face atmosphere, making you feel heard and ventilated of emotions. Formly based in Enköping, Sweden. This trio will spread their wings, one feather at time to take over the darkness that lurks in our minds.

Mental illness is something that have striked a massacre in the minds of todays youth. Too many youngsters get diagnosed with depression, and suicide is one of the leading reasons of death among the ages between 15-20 in Sweden. It's said that personal trauma or too much preasure from ones social life, causes people to vanish. A culture rejecting people to ventilate emotions and not to raise their voices about what is haunting them in the dark. It's sad that humans collect memories from their traumas and then not being able to mend them.

While The Eternal Daydream ​may showcase a vague shadow in the far distance of light. They will convert the darkness into strength. A strength to win the battle with the demon that is holding tight onto broken minds. The battle which creates a new world to escape the obscurity. A world, not necessarily in the sense of hiding but rather a place for observation and self-realization. A way of forgetting about the worries and then be given a moment to survive. Following the raven of dead souls telling you to continue fighting. A way of guidence, you may say.

"Sometimes being stuck in a neverending daydream is about survivng deaths breath. Our music is, in addition fun with powerhitting beats. But behind the almost crazy fasade there is alot of darkness hiding in our souls, wanting to come out, to be told, to be heard and making somebody out there feeling that they are not alone". The bands music kind of gives a statement that the riffs and beats is not everything, but more the meaning behind them. A way to comprehend anger, frustration, sadness, euphoria, and all other heartfilled emotions that will be found mending in the process of creating.

Far from being vanished, The Eternal Daydream will continue cast their riffs, telling stories that yet have been untold, creating an eternal daydream for escaping the void.

"Fear" Single Review
The track begins with high energy as it takes off running full speed ahead. The melodic vocals take hold in the first verse as it drives ahead alongside the high octane instrumentation. The chorus creeps up and is easy to sing along to for sure. The second verse wastes no time in starting up and continuing the Every New Day vibes. The bridge cranks up the agression level as it goes off the rails with a more Metal like intensity with some harsh vocals and an outstanding guitar solo. The track closes with the chorus to wrap things up.

The Eternal Daydream have created a masterpiece with their "Fear" single.