The Hangovers

The Hangovers (Rock) - Decatur, Illinois

The Hangovers are a psychedelic rock band based out of Decatur, Illinois. All five of the members met in Millikin University’s Commercial Music program. They have many classic rock influences including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin,and many more.

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"Planet Hangover" EP Review
The opener "Kayak" starts off with a little diddy of a riff before slowly building itself up into the first verse. The verse glides along a nice groove and features some tremendous melodic vocals to really make the listener feel the emotion. The instrumentation is top notch on the track and helps it make it an oustanding opening track. "Ultimate Road Trip" is a bit more somber. The track is more low key but has its heart on its sleeve as it's more like a ballad than the opener. "Constellation" is an instrumental interlude that gives the listener a little soft musical break. "Planet" has an Amy Winehouse feel to it. The track has a mellow vibe and is easily digestable to listen to. The sound is very natural sounding and effortless. "Trance" is a near five minute track that slowly builds with experimental Rock instrumentation and mellow riffs. This is an epic track and really showcases the awesome talents of the band. The closer "Bluebyrd" is a nice crunchy Rock track that cranks things up a bit. The edge that the track possesses would be perfect for Hard Rock radio and really closes the EP out on a high note.

The Hangovers take their Rock sound to even greater atmospheres via their new EP.