The Neuro Farm

The Neuro Farm (Dark Wave/Indie Rock) - Washington, DC

The Neuro Farm is a Dark Wave Indie Rock band based in Washington DC. Their music has been described as dark, ethereal, intense, thoughtful, gothic, and hauntingly beautiful. The Neuro Farm draw on influences like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, Sigur Ros, Blonde Redhead, Joy Division, Chelsea Wolfe, and Rammstein. They have been active in the DC indie scene since 2017 and have produced three albums so far: Blissful Isolation (2011), Ghosts (2014), and The Descent (2019).

The Neuro Farm puts on a dreamy yet delightfully dark and energetic performance. Their shows have been covered by the Washington Post Going Out guide, Brightest Young Things, DC Music Reviews, Hometown Sounds, and Metro Music. The Neuro Farm's music has also been featured on Another Wasted Hour, Subculture Shock, Takoma Radio 94.3FM (Washington DC), as well as Asalto Mata Radio Rock, an alternative rock radio station based in Spain.

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"The Descent" Album Review
The Neuro Farm are a multi faceted band from DC that are looking to bring their unique sound to the masses. Their recent album "The Descent" is multiple chapters of the rise and fall of power, a failed revolution, and the fragility of life. The opening track and start of Chapter 1: The Fall is "The Demagogue". The track is a roller coaster of emotion and passion and when it gets going, it's like a runaway freight train. It simply rocks and knows when to pull back and when to go all out. "Divination" is only twenty seven seconds long and builds up the ambient, atmospheric tone. "Forged Alliance" has a funky little haunting groove to it. There's an early Blondie tinge to it and it really shines with its genre busting sound. "Stranger" brings the pace down a bit. The track brings to mind Radiohead with its more experimental Indie Rock sound. It's easy to just get lost within the track. The next chapter The Gloom kicks off with the track "Cold Hands" and it takes its time with its intent. It's a stand out track for sure and just needs to be heard to be believed. "Mercy" is upbeat and rockin' in all the right ways. The track gets down and dirty while still maintaining their signature sound. "Little Life" is more subdued. The track is more atmospheric and melodic than the previous track. It really showcases the range of the band perfectly. Chapter three, Resistance, of the album starts off with the next track "The Square" and it's the longest track on the album. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, it takes the listener on a journey inside the world of what The Neuro Farm are truly capable of when they let loose. The next chapter is up quickly and that's the last chapter of Acceptance. The first track on the final chapter is "Bubble" and it features a more spacey Rock sound. There's a touch of early Coldplay to it as it sways to and fro with its Indie Rock approach. The closer of the album is "The Return" and the track is purely instrumental but still heartfelt in its delivery. Just like the rest of the album, it really stikes a chord with the listener.

The Neuro Farm are in a league of their own with their epic "The Descent" album.