The Upside

The Upside (Pop Punk/Hardcore) - Kentucky/Indiana

We are a Christian Alternative Pop-Punkcore band from Kentuckiana! We enjoy Jesus, breakdowns, inside jokes and salt water snowboarding.

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"New World" Single Review
The Upside are an up and coming Christian based Pop Punk/Hardcore/Easycore act from the Kentucky/Indiana region of the US. Let's dive on into their recent single and see what they have to offer. The tracks starts off with some riffage before erupting into an almost Post Hardcore melodic intro. The track really takes off and settles into an almost Deftones type stratosphere with its melody. The first verse comes in and it keeps the driving pace going into the super catchy soaring chorus. The track settles down into the low key bridge which features some stellar guitar work before building itself back up into the explosive chorus along with a nice crunchy breakdown. The track overall has shades of early Finger Eleven ("Above") with its melodic Hard Rock tendencies. With this being their lead single off their upcoming release, it's definitely a high accessible track and makes the listener yearn for more.

The Upside blast into the scene with their "New World" single.