Trance Monolith

Trance Monolith (Progressive Metal) - North Dakota

Trance Monolith, is a five piece Progressive Metal Band hailing from Fargo, ND. The band itself creates it's sound depending on the album concept they are writing toward. Continously creating a diverse sound.

"Mezziah" Single Review
The track opens with a massive breakdown to get the adrenaline pumping. The Metalcore vibes shine through on the first verse with an early The Ghost Inside vibe. The melodic chorus is melodic but goes all moody in its delivery. The riffs and instrumentation is fantastic with its crunch and harder edge. The bridge features a circle pit intensity until a breakdown comes in and leaves chaos in its wake. The track subsides and builds itself back up with its chorus. The closing of the track features mostly instrumentation, a touch of aggressive vocals while a breakdown hits to wrap things up.

Trance Monolith get vicious with their newest single.

"Towers" Single Review
The track kicks right in with the intensity of early Black Dahlia Murder as it sets an extreme precedent from the get go. There's some symphonic depth in the background but it doesn't overpower the track. The instrumentation takes over about midway through and builds to a technical Blood Has Been Shed like breakdown. Around the two minute mark the track drives back in until the bridge, which sees the track dip down and then back up with another massive breakdown akin to early August Burns Red to help close things out.

Trance Monolith unleash Progressive Metal ferocity with their "Towers" single.