Violent Relapse

Violent Relapse (Death Metal) - Arbroath, Scotland

Death metal band from Arbroath, Scotland. Energetic live performances and heavy riffs, we like to party and beat each other up.

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"Hateful" Single Review
Violent Relapse are looking to make a name for themselves in the Death Metal scene and if their newest single "Hateful" is any indication, they're on the right path in doing so. The track kicks off with a build to a slow breakdown before blasting into a a breakneck pace with their form of Death Metal. Violent Relapse don't mess around and the only break comes by way of the calm before the storm break before the gigantic breakdown that follows. The last minute of the track just soars with confidence, emotion and brutality. Check these guys out if you're a fan of more aggressive Metal.

Violent Relapse's new single takes a sledgehammer to the walls of the Death Metal genre.