Volrahven (Metal) - California

"Descent of the Feathered Serpent" EP Review
The opener "Terrors" shreds right in. The track has shades of early Black Dahlia Murder in its delivery. The circle pits will be induced in no time in a live setting. There's a breakdown that comes in with an Unearth like feel later in the track. There's a guitar solo that pops up that is truly mind blowing. Overall it's a great opener that attracts like listener perfectly. "Descent" continues the Metal onslaught. The track is somehow heavier and faster than the opener. The guitar work is especially top notch when the runaway freight train pace goes full force. There's a breakdown halfway in that is just bonkers. The closer "Preachers" is an eight minute romp through the wilderness of the the signature sound that Volrahven bring to the table. It's fierce, unrelenting and packs the bite that the band is known for. Three songs aren't nearly enough.

Volrahven's newest EP is unrelenting in its Metal sound and delivers nonstop carnage.