We Are William

We Are William (Progressive Metal) - Fort Collins, Colorado

We Are William is a Progressive Metal band from Northern Colorado (Fort Collins) that is comprised of Sebastian Lawrence (Lead Vocals), Samm Barrett (Drums/Production), Cameron Johnston (Guitar/Vocals), and Nik Shafer (Bass). We aim to mend the gap between our favorite genres and produce a unique sound not easily pinned down by one single label. Our complex compositions, theatrical backing tracks, powerful lead vocals and energetic live performances entice fan’s to keep coming back for more.

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"La Discesa" EP Review
We Are William are a Progressive Metal band from Fort Collins, Colorado who have been releasing tracks recently as part of their "La Discesa" concept album. Let's dig in and see what they're all about. "Limbo" is an purely instrumental track that is dark in its intent. The track tells the story of Dante's first interactions with the poet Virgil and his decent into the first Circle of Hell. It's extremely heavy and blasts through the speakers with its moody atmosphere. "Lussuria (Lust)" has vocals kick in and really makes things their own. The track is Progressive and technical but still knows how to bring the blast beat style drums that help make it that much heavier. The track marches along and pulls the listener in for the ride and doesn't let go. "Golosita (Gluttony)" is heavier than the previous tracks and leans more into the Metal/Death Metal side of things. The opening breakdown is amazing! The track does feature melody by way of the haunting vocals and it fits the cryptic Dante's quest puzzle perfectly. The track is an absolute stunner later on as it just goes off the rails with an extreme guitar solo that has to be heard to be believed. "Avidita (Greed)" chugs along right from the get go. The track is a roller coaster of Progressive Metal and would make Opeth proud. The vocals really go to the next level on the track. The track ends way too soon but creates that feeling of yearning for more. From what they've released so far, We Are William have some interesting ideas and really make things unique for the listener. We can't wait to hear more!

We Are William put their unique spin on the Progressive Metal genre.