White Stag

White Stag (Progressive Metal) - Knoxville, Tennessee

White Stag is a Progressive Metal band. They regularly incorporate jazz, death metal, acoustic passages, and woodwinds, alongside sudden shifts of tone and dynamic.

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"Emergence" Album Review
The Progressive Metal act White Stag did what most promising up and coming genre bands do and that's go to one of the most decorated producers in Jamie King to mix and master their album. With comparisons to Between The Buried and Me and Opeth, let's dig in and see what White Stag conjures up in our newest review. The opener "Silent Riddles" starts things off with a more Progressive Rock styling akin to Dream Theater before building to a more dynamic sound that comes and goes with the flow of the track. The title track "Emergence" is up next and it's truly epic, clocking in at a whopping 16 minute run time. The opening of the track is purely ambient up until it blasts into a more Sludge Metal sound. It dips back down into a more Dog Fashion Disco-esque melodic section that catches the listener off guard. Later, the guitar work is on full display as it's featured more and more. There's so many twists and turns that it will always keep you on your toes. "Torrential Skylines" contrasts the previous track in that it's short, sweet and purely instrumental with its atmospheric tones. "Inhabitant" takes a bit to get going but once it does it churns up shades of early Between The Buried and Me and their technicality with melody and riffs. "Accidental Entity" has the woodwind instruments featured more often. It's quite the track to just get lost into. The closer "Soak Up The Fall", just like the previous tracks, has a slow build in its introduction. The track then bursts at the seams and lets loose. It doesn't hold anything back with its ferocity or melody.

White Stag's dynamic sound will draw in Progressive Metal fans near and far.