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Windom End (Progressive Rock) - Sweden

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"Perspective Views" EP Review
The opener "The Dream" is an eleven minute track that introduces the listener to the Progressive Rock nature of the band perfectly. The soundscapes takes its time and rides a delicate pace with its grooves and melodies. "Starless Sky" is another banger and packs a ton of punch within its runtime. The track expands on the sound of the opener and unleashes more fury. "Walk This Way" reaches outward into the Progressive universe and churns out more of a diverse sound than the previous tracks. The guitar work is on point and the A Perfect Circle vibes come shining through. "Within The Shadow" is the shortest track on the EP, clocking in at under three minutes. It's straight to the point, acoustic, emotional and a nice change of pace for the EP as a whole. "Revolution" is purely instrumental for the first minute and a half before the melodic vocals kick in. The track hits its stride and it blazes forward with its natural Progressive Rock sound that's delightful on the ears. The closer "Ghost of the Past" is a ten minute romp through the unfiltered sound of Windom End. The track is an emotionally epic closing track that wraps a tightly wrapped bow on a truly surreal listening experience.

Windom End's brilliant EP features their Progressive Rock sound at its finest.