Winterstille (Gothic Rock) - Belgium

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Xavier Kruth and Gerry Croon (Belgium) met as editors of Dark Entries (, an online Dutch-language music magazine specialized in dark music. They share a love for gothic rock, darkwave, symphonic metal and more of that kind, with a particular love for bands as Goethes Erben, Sopor Aeternus and especially Lacrimosa. But they also both play music themselves. Xavier has been playing his melancholic singer songwriter songs in dark bars since 2006. He also played guitar in The Marchesa Casati (gothic rock) and Kinderen van Moeder Aarde (shamanic folk) and has worked with Gert Kleinpunk (folky punk). Gerry heads Crooniek, an eight headed concert band that he formed alongside his nephew Jan Croon in 2005, out of the Koninklijke Fanfare De Eendracht Kampenhout. Crooniek participated in a variety of projects with for instance MandolinMan, Illuminine, choirs and figured in operette and television soaps.

An important project for Crooniek was the debut album 'Olivier & Crooniek' with singer-songwriter Olivier Soil. Gerry wrote the orchestrations on the CD. Xavier was present on the CD-presentation, and after the concert Gerry and Xavier talked about a similar cooperation. And so the work began. The project was titled ‘WINTERSTILLE’, the debut album ‘PUIN VAN DROMEN’. Music sheets were sent, rehearsals with the ensemble took place, a first show occurred and at the end of 2019, the whole band - totaling 10 musicians - went to Studio Trad, Erpe-Mere (Belgium), to record the results of their hard work. The result is 'Puin van dromen' (Rubble of Dreams) which appeared in November 2020 by the label WOOL-E DISCS (also The Breath of Live, Red Zebra, … ). The debut album contains 10 songs. Each song is unique, sang in four languages (most of them in Dutch, but also English, French and German). The style lingers from dark folk/chanson to gothic/fanfare rock.