Wolfsmoke (Rock/Metal) - United Kingdom

Wolfsmoke are a four piece, South Yorkshire based, Female Fronted, Alt Rock band. Forming in late 2019, Josh Cantrill and James Banks started getting the early pieces of the puzzle together, finding very quickly things were gelling. Knowing a singer was the next big step, which came in the form of Joanne Nash, who quickly helped structure songs with her melodies, emotion and lyrics. Bassist John Mathison completed the band, bringing experience and an oomph the bands tone needed. Wolfsmoke now with the full package, combine groove influenced fuzzy riffs, melodic and soaring vocals and a thundering rhythm section. Wolfsmoke bring to you songs that can make you both dance and feel. With similar and different inspirations, Wolfsmoke give you a sound that cannot be tamed, just remembered. We hit the studio in July 2021, to record songs as a full complement of members. This led to the release of our first release, Devil’s Cup, in January 2022. Always working on new songs (writing and recording) and ideas. Wolfsmoke make every gig a highlight of your decade (we mean week). To date we have played Yorkshire, Midlands and Lancashire and looking play more locations to bring the Wolfsmoke experience to you.