Delphi Ravens

Delphi Ravens (Alternative Rock) - Oregon

We aren't vanilla or chocolate but a unique blend of musical flavors. The #1 Alternative Rock band in the Pacific NW as rated by ReverbNation for all of 2022!

"Take My Hand" Single Review
The track begins with a somber riff that sets a more emotional vibe. The melodic vocals join in as ballad like tendencies start to pick up a bit by way of more depth in its first verse. The chorus picks up the pace and soars with confidence and melodic tones. The instrumentation has a ton of depth as the passion cranks to 11. The two and a half minute slows back down to start the second verse. The dynamic chorus kicks back in and a top notch guitar solo takes over around the four minute mark. The chorus and melodic stylings close out the EP in grand fashion.

Delphi Ravens deliver six minutes of pure Alternative Rock magnificence.