-Interview- Duck Duck Goose 8/11/08

Duck Duck Goose
(Warcon Records)

Genre: Thrash/Experimental screamocore akin to Heavy Heavy Low Low or Norma Jean.
Interviewed on: 8/11/08
From: Barstow, CA


Interview conducted with guitarist Snake.

1. You guys are a fairly young band, was there any obstacles in playing in a band from California and developing into a touring band?

Naw not really were just a bunch of dudes that like to chill and play music and we've wanted to tour ever since we were young.

2. You guys toured with Poison The Well not too long ago, how did that go?

It was so awesome getting to watch those dudes every night, and there all such rad dudes to. So yea it went great.

3. How did you guys hook up with Warcon Records?

They got a copy of our EP and they contacted us and told us how much they liked it, so we did a showcase for them and a month later we signed and got to meet everyone that works for the company. Everyone at Warcon is awesome.

4. The cover art for "Noise, Noise and More Noise" is very different, who came up with the design and concept?

I (Snake) got this little book with all these weird drawings that I did and everyone thought it would be cool and a little different to use some of it for the cover art.
I was pretty stoked on it.

5. How did your most recent tour with Farewell to Freeway, Every Bridge Burned and Dead And Divine go?

It was awesome both of those bands are really fun to be around, and also really nice people.

6. You guys playing any new music on the road? Can we expect a full length soon?

In our new set we play two new tracks that will most likely be on our full length. We've talked about recording sometime in NOV-DEC but that can change. But we are defiantly writing new material that were pretty excited about.

7. Any good show stories?

Ummmm I dont know, something exciting or crazy or something out of the ordinary always happens at our shows.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

We all really enjoy playing our newer stuff, but we have fun playing all of it.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

rage against the machine, B.I.G, the blood brothers, GJ, RX bandits, DRE, sublime, fear before, incubus, finch, bowie, circa survive, ima robot, the mars volta, metallica, radiohead the bronx, coheed, deftones, faith no more, slipknot, some pink floyd, hendrix,PTW, your best friend, death verginia amity (old) melvins. idk we really listen to just about everything. but thats what weve been listening to recently.

10. What's next for Duck Duck Goose?

Do this 52 day tour then spend the next 3 months writing and preparing to release our next album.

11. Any shoutouts?

To anyone and everyone that is down for the goose, we love you.