-Interview- The Years Gone By 8/11/08

The Years Gone By
(Rise Records)

Genre: Pop punk akin to old New Found Glory or Blink 182.
Interviewed on: 8/11/08
From: Freehold, NJ


Interviewed conducted with lead singer Nick Madore.

1. How did the name "The Years Gone By" come about?

We really wanted a name that could co-exist with our songs. We write about past experiences for the most part. So The Years Gone By is really an umbrella for the songs to stand under in a sense. I remember it was New Years Eve when Mike, Louis and myself thought of it.

2. You guys have been around for over 6 years, and been on numerous tours, is there things on the road that is mandatory to always take with?

Of course. We usually bring 5-10 cases of water with us. Emergen-C and other vitamins. Pillows and blankets. We were just out on a 60 day full US tour and slept on floors or in our van every night. You need to find ways to stay healthy.
I also always bring my i-pod and hockey stick.

3. The new album "When Forever Comes Too Soon" has a very unique cover to it, how did it come about? Who designed it?

We actually had a well know designer (who I won't name), bail on our project. Long story short with him, We said one thing, he did another. I guess he got frustrated and left us stranded. Most of the production for this record was done on the road in our van. Since the day we left the studio, we have been on the road. I remember when it happened we were in Utah. We we're all like, Fuck. What now? But seriously, Rise Records takes such good care of us and had another designer submit his portfolio to us almost immediately.

His name is Wes Yossi and his work is incredible. (wesyossi. com)

The CD is titled Forever Comes Too Soon and is symbolic that you need to enjoy your time on this planet because you never know when your time will come. The cover of the CD has a few images that covey certain things that the CD is about. Living life, loving and losing. I'll let you figure it out on your own though.

4. You guys have an album coming out next month, have you guys been playing a lot of it at shows? If so, how has the reaction been?

We play 3 songs off the new CD live right now. The reaction has been pretty overwhelming. Kids are singing along and really getting into it!

5. You guys are on Rise Records, how did you hook up with Rise?

I believe our manager just sent them our EP and a link to our myspace. I guess we were in the right place at the right time. We were in the middle of recording our new CD early April and were in the process of talking to a few other labels. I remember waking up on the floor of the studio around 6 am to a text message from our manager that Rise was interested. I just remember how stoked we were about this because that label really believes in there artists. It was an easy decision.

6. We see that you're going on the Rise tour with Burden Of A Day, Emarosa, In Fear And Faith and Attack Attack!, you guys excited?

Absolutely, anytime label mates hit the road it's sure to be a great time. All the bands headed out are extremely talented and we've super excited to meet them.

7. Any good tour stories?

On a tour we did with Set Your Goals/ Hit the Lights/ I am the Avalanche and 2*Sweet.
the entire tour went to Las Vegas after a show in Utah! We got in around 2 am , never slept and left around 10 am for the show in Cali. Might have been the craziest night of our lives! We ran into hookers in elevators, New York Rangers captain (Jagr), UFC fighters. We lost all our money but there are more stories in that one night than I could have ever imagined!

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

I really love playing a new song off our new CD called "Stay Close" live. The song means a lot to me and it's just fast and fun to rock to.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

I personally have been listening to a lot of Crime in Stereo, Lifetime, Story of the Year, Set Your Goals, and Hit The Lights' new record. The band as a whole listens to a few older CD's like Jimmy Eat World (Clarity), New Found Glory (Self Titled), Fairweather (If they Move...) and the always delicious Fall Out Boy (Take This to your Grave). We try and steer clear of what's being released these days. Most of it is crap and I personally can't wait for this trend to pass.

10. What's next for The Years Gone By?

Well, September 2nd our new record hits stores everywhere. We have a lot of tours being booked and I hope we can stay on the road straight into next summer.

11. Any shoutouts?

I'd like to shout out who ever slashed our tires at our last show. Thanks asshole! Shout to Craig Monahan & Ryan Soroka. Also thank you to you guys at 'From The Depths'. Hope everyone can pick up our new CD! (It's up for pre-order right now at Smartpunk. com)