Noble Hops

Noble Hops (American Rock/Alt-Country) - Pennsylvania

The Noble Hops Band was formed in late 2010 by Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Studio Productions and Records, based in Western Pennsylvania. The band has been through many transformations through the last decade plus, with various versions of the band still intact. The core focus of the band however is on its own brand of straight up American Rock and Roll, along with some alt-country leanings.

Noble Hops has performed from Dearborn, MI to Key West, FL, and several points in-between. With songs from the Hops original catalogue dealing with everything from love and childhood innocence, to darker inter-personal themes and observations of American life, the band filters in a wide variety of well known and lesser known music from other artists as well. Just like different hops are used in a variety of styles of beer, the Noble Hops offers up a wide spectrum of music that will appeal to most listeners. And simply put, they just love to play music for those who enjoy it. So grab yourself a cold one from the bar, and in the words of the famous Marty Dibergi, “But hey, enough of my yakkin’; whaddaya say? Let’s boogie!”