Absenthya (Post Alternative Psychedelic Rock) - Italy

"Nove" EP Review
The title track opens up the EP with a Tool like sound as the instrumentation sways back and forth between slow melodic and crunchy heavy. "Cavallo" would be the perfect opening track for a live set as it surrounds the listener in a moody wall of sound. "Killer" is a slower ambient track that helps build atmosphere with its tones. "Regrettile" continues the slower pace but slowly picks it up with a some riffage here and there to add a bit more bite. The closer "Xinatria" blows the doors off the EP as the six minute length goes all out in its fury. The track pulverizes with its heavier notes and energetic vibes throughout. Being a closing track, it wraps up the EP with a tightly wrapped bow for sure.

The new EP from Absenthya aims to cement themselves as a band to look out for.

-Interview- (1/21/24)