The Recasts

The Recasts (Rock/Metal) - Texas

"Devastator" EP Review
"Full Throttle" opens the EP and it takes it time to build an atmosphere in the opening. The track then goes all out in its high octane sound. The track really goes into the red line with its energy and tempo. The anthem is a great opener that grabs the listener with ease and churns up some Metallica vibes. The title track is next and it features a touch of Wisdom in Chains in its vocals, melodies and breakdowns. The crunch is superb as everything works well in its melting pot of Hard Rock and Metal. "Home" starts off a bit slow but once it hits its stride, it's full speed ahead. The track is a smooth ride and will have everyone singing along to its catchy chorus in no time. The guitar solo is especially oustanding as well. "Banshee" is more of a ballad and will get the lighters in the sky for sure. The emotion and passion is heard in every note, every word and closes out the EP in grace. Four tracks are not nearly enough as the band have a bright future ahead of them.

The Recasts look to devastate the Rock/Metal world with their newest EP.