Jumping The Gun

Jumping The Gun (Rock) - Pensacola, Florida

Jumping the Gun are Hannah Mahute, Howard Wallace and Brian Blackwell. The trio became a band about four years ago in Pensacola, FL.

The band regularly rocks the house on Friday nights at Waterboyz in Pensacola. They’ve also played the Santa Rosa County Fair, the Vision of Hope Charity Event of 2018, Enlightened Studios (Fort Walton), Al's Burger Bar (Destin), and other local bars and restaurants.

In the fall of 2018, they performed at the Next2Rock competition (Village Door Seascape, Destin) where they were nominated as one of the top 5 bands in the region. JTG was also nominated for the Beachcomber Music Awards of 2018.

Jumping the Gun released its first EP, “Chasing Tales,” in January 2018. A few of the hardest hitting titles include "Crashing Falling Screaming Hollering," "I'm the Queen," and "Run." JTG’s music has been played on 99 Rock (99.5 FM) and Classic Rock (95.9 FM).

Hannah is JTG’s driving force as lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. Brian plays the drums and other percussion on all of the recorded albums. Howard, Hannah’s father, plays bass and manages the live sound. Seth Gibson performs all of the live sets on drums.

JTG’s lyrics speak to a broad audience of anyone facing the challenges of real life. In their rock sound, you might hear hints of iconic bands from the 60's, 70's, and 90's.

The passion in their music translates into songs that will keep you coming back for more. In JTG's latest album, "Behind the 8 Ball," you won't find yourself skipping any tracks.

"Welcome to the Show" Album Review
The opener "House of Mirrors" pulls in the listeners with ease as the melodic vocals and guitar riffs create a whirlwind of catchy Pop/Rock sound. The guitar solo shines bright with intensity and the vocals are just oustanding with pouring out all of the passion. "Goodnight, I'm Fine" is a nice little diddy of a track as the riffs and vocals go hand in hand in creating quite the toe tapping appeal. The bridge is fantastic and takes the track to a whole new level. "Carpal Tunnel" has a slight early Panic at the Disco sound to it. The pacing is steady and the chorus climbs a melodic path while the guitars add a certain flair. The instrumentation on the track as a whole shows quite the range. "Don't Say You Love Me" could easily be a hit on 90's/early 200's Pop/Rock radio. The track is upbeat, catchy and showcases their talents perfectly. It's Pop/Rock at its finest. The guitar solo later in the track is icing on the cake. "X That I Never Should've Left" slowly builds for the first minute before finally erupting with some impressive Southern Rock style. The melodic vocals soar with confidence and drive the track forward with passion. The closer "I Tried My Best" is an emotional ballad that brings to mind Avil Lavigne and her more ballad like tracks. There's some awesome guitar work later in the track that helps with depth as well.

Jumping The Gun aren't holding back with their explosive new album.

"Behind The 8 Ball" Album Review
Jumping The Gun hail from the rich music state of Florida and intend to bring to their catchy Rock stylings to the masses via their newest full length album. How does it fare? Let's find out in our newest review. "Perspectives" opens up the album with a nice upbeat sound that clings to the listener right away with its catchy riffs and vocals. "Consequential Cycle" is melodic in all the right ways as it glides along with confidence that few up and coming Rock bands can muster up. "False Faces" has more of an acoustic feel to it as it slows the pace down for a bit but ramps up the emotional level while doing so. "Socks" has a lot of dynamic layers to it and is worthy of multiple listens to really appreciate it fully. "Expectations" twists and turns with passion and emotion that'll get listeners singing along in no time to it's catchy lyrics and groove. "Twisted" keeps up the Alternative Rock steady pace and keeps the catchiness coming at a nice clip. "Addictive Ambitions" has a touch of 90's Alternative Rock to it. It's super catchy, more methodical in its delivery and has tons of depth. The track closes in on the six minute mark but it doesn't ever feel like it wears out its welcome. "Graduation" brings the pace back down for a little. The ballad type track will surely bring out the lighters in the live crowd setting. "Too Lost To Be Found" kicks back up the pace and the Rock radio sound. It's awesome and will be a sure fire hit on radio. The closing track "The Turtle Song" is more slower paced and closes the album out on a nice somber level. Every track on the album could be a single. They really know how to crank out the jams and if you're into radio friendly Rock, you need to check them out as soon as you can!

Jumping The Gun have that radio friendly Rock sound that's hard to stop listening to.

-Interview- (4/18/19)