-Interview- The Last Tempest 8/10/08

The Last Tempest

Genre: Metalcore akin to old As I Lay Dying or Misery Signals.
Interviewed on: 8/10/08
From: Reading, PA


1. How did The Last Tempest get together?

It was February of 2007, on a cold winter night. Zach and I started jamming, and it just developed from there. We Lost members and gained them and now we're where we are.

2. You guys played with heavweights such as Emmure, Bury Your Dead and Job For A Cowboy to name a few, is there any show that stuck out as to just being really crazy?

Yes, although all of the shows were freaking awesome, Job For a Cowboy stuck out the most. The crowd really liked us and asked for an encore and everything. Plus we went right before them so it was great.

3. You're playing the upcoming Thrash and Burn show with Darkest Hour and Parkway Drive, you guys excited?

We are extremely excited. We have a brand new song that were unleashing and its going to magical. Plus we all love all of the other bands.

4. We saw that you guys were working on a new album, when can we expect a release? Is it titled?

Our EP was released July 11th. Its self titled.

5. How does the writing process occur within the band?

It usually starts with me and Zach jamming and we piece things together. Then the rest of the bands adds there own inputs.

6. Is there any upcoming national or east coast tour in the works?

No, because most of our members are still in high school for another two years. But we are hoping to go on one then.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Right now Nosilla the Sea Dragon is our favorite to play live, But our new song may be better. Well have to see Sunday!

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

We all listen to different music, but our new love for a band is Iwrestledabearonce. They are the coolest guys and girls ever.

9. What's next for The Last Tempest?

Hopefully something purely epic.

10. Any shoutouts?

We would like to shout out to Farmer Juttin, our friends,ADOD and Iwrestledabearonce!