-Interview- True Romance 8/12/08

True Romance

Genre: Screamo in the vein of Eyes Set To Kill or Dance Gavin Dance.
Interviewed on: 8/12/08
From: Pomona, CA


1. How did the band come about and form?

Its longs story.... Veronica and Regina have known each other since high school and would always jam together and write songs so they decided to start band with veronica cousin on vocals... At the time Leyla was randomly introduced to the band and was trying out to for rhythm guitar. We started jamming up in till Veronicas cousin decides to leave the band for personal reason. Leyla quickly took the position as vocalist and it wasn't till then that True Romance became official. We started playing shows and it wasn't till like a coupled of months into that band that we found Celina. She had messaged us on myspace and we tried her out and well as soon as we started jamming right away we clicked as friends and as musicians and just started booking show every weekend and enjoyed every second of it. We've bin a 4 piece band for 3 years now and it wasn't till recently that we found Diana. We saw her perform at a show that we we're playing and we instantly knew that we had to have her. We asked he if she was interested and she said yeah and showed her the new material.. She caught on quick and played her first show with us with the first two weeks.

2. How's the new material coming along? Is it going to be in the vein of the demo "We Tango Like This"?

We're actually pretty siked about our new material. We've matured allot as band have explored, experience and discovered what we're capable of as musicians and in our new material we're give you all of it. We Tango Like This is just one out of many. We're looking forward to hitting the studio soon and record a 7 song EP.
Its gonna be the next best thing since sliced bread!

3. Seeing bands like Eyes Set To Kill come up through the ranks and show everyone that girls can rock too, does the band get judged at all having girls in the group ?

It seems to throw people off to see a talented musician that just happens to be female but then again all bands get judged weather its their music, performance or image.

4. If you could tour with three bands (broken up or active) who would they be and why??

Thrice. Underoath. Sense Fail.

5. How does the writing process occur within the band?

Regina comes up with the song and we go from there.

6. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Fuck it... that just shows how bad people are willing to go just to listen to your music.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

"We Tango Like This" that song brings out all the energy in on stage and it a fun song to play.

8. What's next for True Romance?

Who knows! :D!

9. Any shoutouts?

Here's a shout outs to all of our true fans for loving what we do and loving our music just as much as we do.