-Interview- Stray From The Path 8/12/08

Stray From The Path
(Sumerian Records)

Genre: Metalcore in the vein of Blood Has Been Shed or (old) Everytime I Die.
Interviewed on: 8/12/08
From: Long Island, NY


1. You guys are from Long Island which has always had hardcore roots, what were some of your influences growing up?

Most of my personal influences came from bands that I like and don't like. I was really never influence as much by music as I was by attitude. Bands like Glassjaw, This Is Hell, Anterrabae, From Autumn To ashes, all those bands were bands that were from where I am from, and they made shit happen..that is what I admired most from those long island bands, showed me that I can get the hell off this island and do shit with my friends and bandmates.

2. You guys are on Sumerian Records, one of the hottest up and coming labels around, how did you hook up with them?

Before Sumerian existed, we did a tour for Ash with The Burning Season, Alove For Enemies and If Hope Dies, and he remembered us from then. Then Chris from TBS gave him our pre-production of Villains when he started up Sumerian, and we went from there. They are the best label by far, they got their heads on straight.

3. How did the album title "Villians" come about?

A lot of the songs have to do with modern day jobs and the people who work them. From experience, before we did full time touring with this band, we worked our jobs at Eckerds, Uhaul, Leslies pool supplies, and were absolutely miserable. Working 40 hours a week, getting paid shit, being depressed, while the companies just sat back and made disgusting money. We thought Villains was appropriate with the theme, representing those fucking companies that reaped the benefits off our depression.

4. You guys are soon heading out with Recon and Soldiers, you guys excited?

Fuck yeah we are, Soldiers are great friends of ours and have been wanting to tour with them for a while. Plus we hear great things about the dudes in Recon, so it should be an awesome tour. Recon just released a record, so the shows should be sick.

5. How was it working with Kurt Ballou on the album?

Ruled. Kurt is the man, knows his shit.

6. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

My feelings have changed a bit since our record has come out. We play shows and people come to buy our shirts, I usually ask "did you pick up the record" and quite often I get the response "I already downloaded it". Usually it would be really shitty to hear that, but the same kids are at our shows paying 10$ to get in, and then buying a shirt and a sweatshirt, so thats right there 35 - 45 dollars spent on us. As long as kids keep coming out and supporting, it does not bother me as much. It is just lame because coming from me, I collect CD's, I like the entire package of the artwork, and the music...I feel that they go together, and I feel cheap getting shit on Itunes. But to each their own.

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

White flag by far. Which is funny, we usually hate our songs after a while, but Whiteflag was the first song we wrote with Drew like 3 years ago. Still love it because the end gets me so pissed and I stomp like Tom Morello.

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Misery Signals - Controller. By far one of the best cd's to come out in a really long time.
The Banner - Frailty...cd is so pissed off.
Coldplay - viva la vida
The Ghost Inside - Fury and The Fallen Ones.

9. What's next for Stray From The Path?

We are going out on tour w/ Recon and Soldiers, then immediately the Agents Of Chaos tour with Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Beneath The Massacre, and Abacabb....then after that we will probably get started writing on our new record. Then be right back on the road...because we tour so much its disgusting.

10. Any shoutouts?

Markus Naslund and Wade Redden...welcome to the New York Rangers dawgs..