-Interview- Eyes Like Diamonds (8/12/08)

Eyes Like Diamonds

Genre: Emocore in the vein of Devil Wears Prada or Escape The Fate.
Interviewed on: 8/12/08
From: Las Vegas, NV


1. How did Eyes Like Diamonds get together?

Eyes Like Diamonds was in the process before any of us even knew it, we started out as a Death Metal band called "A Dying Fate" then had a line up change with the Vocalist and a whole new sound was made, so we ended ADF and started Eyes Like Diamonds, couple months down the road we parted ways with the Lead Vox and replaced him with our new vocalist now Diego, who is an amazing and talented singer

2. You guys played the Warped Tour, how did that go?

We were actually on schedule to play warped, but we ended up not participating due to the band and the ex-manager having some issues with each other, so next year DEFINITELY!!!

3. How did the name "Eyes Like Diamonds" come about?

Tony actually was the first to say the name, there was a billboard he saw that had a girls eye and a diamond inside of it. he laughed and stated "how about Eyes Like Diamonds" we thought he was an idiot, but over time the name just stuck.

4. Being from Las Vegas, how is the music scene there?

The music scene here definitely has its ups and downs just like every other music scene out there, but we love everyone involved in our scene especially the fans.

5. When can we expect the album to drop? Is it titled?

Our full length long awaited album will be our next month in Sept! we're looking at Sept. 11 its titled "Mystery"

6. If there would be three bands you could tour with (broken up or active), who would they be?

Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, and Escape The Fate (Again, we played a couple shows with ETF before and they're such rad dudes, seriously some of the nicest people you'll meet.)

7. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Probably the end of "If You're A Bird" The whole song is just upbeat and makes you want to dance and have a good time, and the ending makes you want to tap the person on the shoulder next to you and sock them right in the !!!!!! haha its just a great song, which will also be on the album!

8. What are you guys currently listening to?

Seriously?? I'm bumping some Tiesto right now while filling this out.

9. What's next for Eyes Like Diamonds?

Full length album, tour, warped next year! and shows shows and more shows!!!

10. Any shoutouts?

Definitely want to thank ALL of our fans who are RELENTLESS! we love you all, our clothing sponsor Ecksist Clothing, Max from ETF, Seventh Plague, Love it or Leave it and many other bands we've shared memories and good times with!! ohhh and of course From the Depths Ent.!!!