Bottle and Bride

Bottle and Bride (Rock) - West Virginia

Hailing from Beckley, West Virginia, Bottle and Bride is a dynamic four-piece rock band that delivers a powerful blend of classic rock energy with a modern edge. Their music is a high-octane fusion of raw, blues-infused riffs, driving rhythms, and anthemic choruses that resonate with both old-school rock enthusiasts and contemporary music lovers alike.

- **Morgan Snead** - Vocals
- **Jesse Snead** - Guitar
- **Adam Burroway** - Bass
- **Dylon McBride** - Drums

Since their formation, Bottle and Bride have been making waves across the West Virginia music scene. Their electrifying live performances have captivated audiences in multiple cities throughout the state. Their hard work and talent have earned them a feature on 103CIR, further solidifying their presence in the regional rock circuit.

Bottle and Bride's sound is characterized by the gritty, groove-laden guitar work, thunderous bass lines, and powerhouse drumming, all crowned by Morgan Snead's commanding vocals. Their music channels the heavy, riff-driven essence of the greats, with a fresh and energetic twist that makes it distinctly their own.

Whether they are igniting a small club with their intense live energy or expanding their reach through radio waves, Bottle and Bride continue to carve out a unique niche in the rock landscape, proving that true rock 'n' roll spirit is alive and well in southern West Virginia.