Nymbis (Rock) - New York

NYMBIS is the result of decades of wide-ranging and varied musical influences on four Upstate guys who grew up in the 90s. With two full length albums already under their belt (Nymbis and Moon Moth), and a third album in the works, their growing catalogue has a sonic range and depth of character that is not easily defined. Spearheaded by Chuck Valentine (School Bus Yellow), NYMBIS unfolds as a genre-bending byproduct of 80s pop, classic rock, Irish folk, soul, grunge and jam music. Songs from each album release have been featured on WEXT Radio, and their high energy live shows display unique original material mixed with an array of fun covers that are all over the map. The word NYMBIS is a family of moths characterized by constant change. In this spirit, NYMBIS is always evolving and every show is a new journey full of surprises.