Current Artists

Allies Always Lie - Salt Lake City, UT (Post Hardcore)

Altamadum - Thunder Bay, Canada (Rock)

Amber Architect - Sydney, AU (Hard Rock)

Amos Fortune - Jaffrey, NH (Rock)

Angels Among Ashes - Columbia, SC (Metalcore)

A Nightmare Upon Us - Aylesbury, UK (Metal)

Atlas - Huntsville, AL (Metal)

Autumn Walker - San Marcos, TX (Punk)

Awaken From Ruin - Everett, PA (Metal)

Ayo - Houma, LA (Rock)

Basement Royalty - Puerto Rico (Punk)

B.I.V - Springfield, MO (Metal)

Blotter - Newport, NC (Rock)

Break Out Day - Roslyn, NY (Pop Punk)

Brother & Wolf - United Kingdom (Rock)

Burn The Adversary - Illinois (Metalcore)

Cadence Calling - Toronto, Canada (Metalcore)

Children Of Seraph - Tacoma, WA (Metal)

Complicated Arrangement - Nassau County, NY (Punk)

Contending - Culpeper, VA (Metalcore)

Continuum - Wolcott, CT (Metal)

Courier - Farmington, NM (Metalcore)

Crash Concept - Rockville, MD (Rap/Rock)

Crown The Mushroom - East London, UK (Rock)

Crawling Manifest - Greensboro, MD (Metal)

Danger Club - Philadelphia, PA (Rock/Punk)

Dawn Vally - Toronto, Canada (Metal)

Dead Atlantic - Baltimore, MD (Thrashcore)

Debt To Nature - Buffalo, NY (Rock)

Discord Curse - Minneapolis, MN (Metal)

Disease Party - Forestville, CT (Metal)

Disillusion Effect - Morgantown, WV (Metal)

Downhearted - Omaha, NE (Hardcore)

Dread Utopia - Charleston, WV (Metal)

Elbow Room - Cleveland, OH (Pop Punk)

End In Echoes - Medina, OH (Metal)

Enlighten The Masses - Colorado Springs, CO (Metalcore)

Event Horizon - New Orleans, LA (Prog. Metalcore)

Exit 27 - Anderson, SC (Rock)

Falcon's Bandits - Boston, MA (Rock)

Fallen From Skies - Mexico (Metalcore)

False Witness - Logan, UT (Metal)

Fiction - Mahopac, NY (Rock)

Five Ways To Nowhere - Turin, Italy (Rock)

Forever Frost - Port Alberni, Canada (Metal)

Forward Order - Hanover, PA (Metalcore)

Fusca Stella - Nashville, TN (Rock)

Generation Underground - Old Bridge, NJ (Hard Rock)

Ghostly Times - Brooklyn, NY (Rock)

Glass Idols - Greeneville, TN (Metal)

Gone But Not Forgotten - Downey, CA (Metalcore)

Goodbye Skyline - Florence, AL (Post Hardcore)

Head Of Hydrus - Troy, NY (Metalcore)

Her Last Letter - San Jose, CA (Post Hardcore)

Impervious Mind - Rome, Italy (Hard Rock)

Impurities - Reno, NV (Metal)

In The Cards - Staffordshire, UK (Rock)

Iridia - Salt Lake City, UT (Rock)

Iron Bastards - Strasbourg, France (Rock)

Kayotik - Berlin, CT (Metal)

Kill No Albatross - Burlington, Canada (Rock)

Kraill - Perth, Australia (Rock)

Last Minet - NJ (Pop/Rock)

Late Night Drive - San Juan, Puerto Rico (Pop Punk)

Leaving Passenger - Paris, France (Rock)

Let The Wolves Speak - Milwaukee, WI (Metal)

Local Demise - Trenton, NJ (Metal)

Lonely Avenue - Sacramento, CA (Easycore)

Malevolents - Nanaimo, Canada (Metal)

Maps To Eden - Sydney, Australia (Rock/Punk)

Marquee Grand - Buffalo, NY (Rock)

MidVale - Baltimore, MD (Metal)

Misthaven - Campobasso, Italy (Rock)

Mountain-House - New Bremen, OH (Emo/Indie Rock)

Nekronik - Cambridge, OH (Metal)

New Age Affair - Rapid City, SD (Pop Punk)

Never Mind The Damage - Decatur, AL (Metal)

No Eye Has Seen - Killingly, CT (Metalcore)

Nothin Left - Wapakoneta, OH (Rock/Punk)

Once Almost Never - Perth, AU (Post Hardcore)

Our Last Of Days - Reno, NV (Metalcore)

Petricor - Aberdeen, OH (Grunge)

Plaid On Flannel - Toronto, Canada (Rock)

Premise - Surrey, UK (Rock)

Prison City Brigade - Joliet, IL (Punk)

Quaint Attraction - Adelaide, Australia (Rock)

Rebelle - Wakefield, Canada (Indie Rock)

Red Tape Rebellion - Cape Town, South Africa (Metal)

Redwood Avenue - North Wales, UK (Metal)

Reign Of Fear - Konkonkoma, NY (Metal)

Rescue The Mouse - Dallas, TX (Rock)

Revival - Manchester, UK (Rock/Metal)

Rising Enemy - Kennewick, WA (Rock/Metal)

Room On The 3rd Floor - Rome, Italy (Pop Punk)

Saved by Friday - Tampa, FL (Pop/Rock)

Save The Fallen - Orlando, FL (Metalcore)

Sea Of Cars - Chicago, IL (Emo/Post Punk)

Senseless - Long Island, NY (Hardcore)

Serperus - Liverpool, UK (Metal)

Severed Sun - Clermont, FL (Metal)

Shadows At Bay - Melbourne, AU (Post Grunge/Alt. Rock)

Shattered Beneath - Biloxi, MS (Rock)

Short On Shame - Detroit, MI (Rock)

Signals Over Skies - Montreal, Canada (Metal)

Signs Of Madness - Whitehall, PA (Metal)

Skyeline - Ocean County, NJ (Pop/Rock)

Sleeping In Traffic - Edmonton, Canada (Prog. Metal)

Smiling Politely - Minneapolis, MN (Rock)

Sölar - Granada, Spain (Rock)

Somewhere Between - Bend, OR (Rock/Metal)

Steal Reserve - Long Island, NY (Punk)

Tenth Planet - Toronto, Canada (Rock)

The Art Of Deception - Danville, PA (Metal)

The Creatures In Secret - Knoxville, TN (Metal)

The Emergency Please - Southampton, UK (Rock)

The Endless Line - Colorado Springs, CO (Post Hardcore)

The Face Of Ruin - Warwick, UK (Metal)

The Parkwoods - Providence, RI (Rock)

Third & Delaware - Dallas, TX (Post Hardcore)

Tonight We Hunt - Munich, Germany (Metalcore)

Trick The Riddle - Long Island, NY (Rock)

Tuskens - Bristol, UK (Pop Punk)

Undisclosed Day - Lansing, MI (Rock)

Vacant Image - Melbourne, AU (Rock/Metal)

Venteur - Lancaster, PA (Rock)

Violent Relapse - Arbroath, Scotland (Metal)

We Are William - Fort Collins, CO (Prog. Metal)

Weight Of Emptiness - Santiago, Chile (Metal)

Welland Wasted - Welland, Canada (Punk/Thrash)

Willow Bay - Rochester, NY (Punk)

Wise Youngblood - Nanaimo, Canada (Rock)

Within Shadows - Harrow, Canada (Metal)

Writing In The Skies - Belchertown, MA (Instrumental Metal)

Written By Wolves - Auckland, New Zealand (Rock)

12th Avenue - Maple Grove, MN (Punk)

5150 - Los Angeles, CA (Metal)

53 Judges - Decatur, AL (Rock)