Current Artists

Altamadum - Thunder Bay, Canada (Rock)

Altered Myths - Cardiff, UK (Rock)

April 21st - Brazil (Metal)

Audrey Ripper - Braintree, UK (Rock)

Awaiting Sacrifice - Indianapolis, IN (Metal)

Bloodmores - England, UK (Thrash Metal)

Blue Clutch - Pittsburgh, PA (Metal)

Brake Loose - Dublin, Ireland (Rock)

Brooklane - Fargo, ND (Pop Punk)

Caster Volor - Minneapolis, MN (Rock)

Ceres - Missoula, MT (Hard Rock/Metal)

Chaos Ritual - Bethel, OH (Metal)

Coattails - Austin, TX (Rock)

Crash 45 - Santa Barbara, CA (Punk)

Dark Agenda - Cedar Rapids, IA (Metal)

Dawn Vally - Toronto, Canada (Metal)

Dead Reckoning - Columbus, GA (Metal)

Death of the Drive In - (Rock)

Faith In Failure - Columbus, OH (Rock/Metal)

Five Ways To Nowhere - Turin, Italy (Rock)

FlipCup - Midland, TX (Pop Punk)

Fortunato - Rochester, NY (Instrumental Rock)

Hallow 14 - Fairfax, VA (Metalcore)

Highland Rose - Youngstown, OH (Hard Rock)

Impervious Mind - Rome, Italy (Hard Rock)

Iravera - Columbiana County, OH (Progressive Metal)

Joy In Motion - Brisbane, Australia (Pop/Rock)

Jumping The Gun - Pensacola, FL (Rock)

Junexa - Syracuse, NY (Post Hardcore)

Just the Basic - Detroit, MI (Post Hardcore/Rock)

Kings Petition - New Hampshire (Rock)

Lomez - Carbondale, IL (Rock)

Lonestar Massacre - San Antonio, TX (Deathcore)

Long Time No Time - Calgary, Canada (Jazz/Rock)

Maroon River - Erie, PA (Rock)

Mellow Cassette - St. Paul, MN (Indie Rock)

My Dark Reality - Dayton, OH (Rock)

Nail The Casket - Fairfield, CA (Metalcore)

Negan - Hastings, PA (Rock/Metal)

Neostem - Pittsburgh, PA (Punk/Rock/Metal)

Nightmare Canvas - Odessa, TX (Thrash Metal)

Old Man Oblivion - Nashville, TN (Progressive Metalcore)

One Minute Shy - Guelph, Canada (Metal)

One Wing - Erie, PA (Rock)

Phazed - Pottsville, PA (Rock)

Psycho Hed - Nashville, TN (Metal)

Reaching For Reality - Wooster, OH (Rock)

Reapercussion - Boston, MA (Thrash Metal)

Rebel Revolver - Pittsburgh, PA (Rock)

Red Sun Phenomenon - Red Deer, Canada (Progressive Blues Rock)

Refract - Petaluma, CA (Rock)

Runaway Ricochet - Minneapolis, MN (Ska/Punk)

Scarlet Demore - Chicago, IL (Rock)

Shrouded Luminosity - Rochester, NH (Metal)

Signs of Insanity - Elkhart, KS (Metalcore)

Silverlight Shadows - Melbourne, Australia (Rock)

Sinful Ways - Ottawa, Canada (Metal)

Siren's Rain - Pacific Northwest (Folk Metal)

Six To Fix - Valencia, Spain (Rock)

Small City Blues - Regina, Canada (Rock)

Sölar - Granada, Spain (Rock)

Some People's Kids - Grand Rapids, MI (Rock)

Somewhere Between - Bend, OR (Rock/Metal)

Stereo Pharaoh - Ridgway, PA (Rock)

Suits and Daggers - Saginaw, MI (Metal)

The Art Of Deception - Danville, PA (Metal)

The Creatures In Secret - Knoxville, TN (Metal)

The Isolated Brigade - Chicago, IL (Rock)

The Metal Byrds - Austin, TX (Rock)

The Middle Room - Pittsburgh, PA (Pop Punk)

The Multitude - London, UK (Prog Rock/Metal)

The Neuro Farm - Washington, DC (Dark Wave/Indie Rock)

Then Falls The Sky - Bainbridge, OH (Metalcore)

The Radiant - Saskatoon, Canada (Rock)

This Mortal Mountain - Pittsburgh, PA (Metal)

Thy Station - Mexico (Progressive Metal)

Touch The Buffalo - Arlington, VA (Rock)

Toxic Nobility - Dayton, OH (Rock)

Twelve Hour Day - Minneapolis, MN (Rock)

Vela - Grand Rapids, MI (Metalcore)

Voices of Galadh - Spain (Progressive Rock/Metal)

Weight Of Emptiness - Santiago, Chile (Metal)

Withered Veins - Fort Wayne, IN (Hard Rock/Grunge)

Would You Kindly? - Sioux City, IA (Pop Punk)

Wring Out - Virginia Beach, VA (Easycore)