A Constant Knowledge Of Death (Post Rock)

Altamadum (Rock)

Among Legends (Pop Punk)

Amos Fortune (Rock/Blues)

Anever (Metalcore)

A Nightmare Upon Us (Alternative Metal)

As Cowards Wake (Metalcore)

Autumn Walker (Punk)

Ayo (Rock)

Bad Lllama (Alternative Rock)

Basement Royalty (Basement Punk)

Before It's Too Late (Pop Punk)

Blank Directive (Rock)

Brother & Wolf (Alternative Rock)

Burn The Adversary (Metalcore)

Castle Pines (Indie Rock)

Children Of Seraph (Metal)

Complicated Arrangement (Punk)

Courier (Progressive Metalcore)

Crawling Manifest (Metal)

Crown The Mushroom (Alternative Rock)

Danger Club (Alternative Rock/Pop Punk)

Dawn Vally (Metal)

Discord Curse (Metal)

Disillusion Effect (Metal)

Drowning In The Wake (Alternative Metal)

Ella Kaye (Metalcore)

False Witness (Metal)

Fiction (Rock)

Fighting The Phoenix (Metal)

Frame The Artist (Metalcore)

Glass Idols (Technical/Progressive Metal)

Goodbye Skyline (Post Hardcore)

Good Luck Spaceman (Alternative Rock)

Impervious Mind (Hard Rock)

Impurities (Metal)

In The Cards (Alternative Rock)

Kayotik (Death Metal)

Kraill (Rock)

Last Minet (Alternative Pop/Rock)

Late Night Drive (Pop Punk)

Local Demise (Metal)

Lonely Avenue (Pop Punk/Hardcore)

Malevolents (Metal)

MidVale (Metal)

Misthaven (Rock)

Mojave Nomads (Alternative Rock)

Mountain-House (Emo/Indie Rock)

Nekronik (Metal)

Never Mind The Damage (Rock/Metal)

Nightmares Of Eve (Hard Rock/Metal)

No Blitz (Rock)

No Eye Has Seen (Metalcore)

Of Cities (Metalcore)

One Step From Falling (Metal)

Our Last Of Days (Metalcore/Pop Punk)

Patient Sixty Seven (Metal)

Pyrite Sidewalk (Post Hardcore)

Quaint Attraction (Rock)

Raw Like Fish (Rock)

Reality At Its Finest (Metalcore)

Red Tape Rebellion (Metal)

Reign Of Fear (Metal)

Rescue The Mouse (Rock)

Revival (Melodic Metal/Hard Rock)

Rise Annie Rise (Post Hardcore)

Rising Enemy (Hard Rock/Metal)

Saved by Friday (Pop Rock)

Saving Athens (Rock)

Scarlet View (Post Hardcore)

Sea Of Cars (Emo Rock/Post Punk)

Second Opinion (Punk)

Severed Sun (Metal)

Short On Shame (Rock)

Short Stay (Melodic Hardcore)

Signs Of Madness (Metal)

Sister Johnson (Rock)

Skyeline (Alternative Pop)

Sleeping In Traffic (Progressive Metal)

Smiling Politely (Rock)

Sölar (Rock)

Something Like Sound (Rock)

Sonus Corona (Progressive Metal)

Sorry Mom (Pop Punk)

Starlight Factory (Rock)

Strangers With Kandy (Punk)

Tarzandragon (Psychedelic Rock)

Tenth Planet (Hard Rock)

The Art Of Deception (Metal)

The Days We Don't (Rock)

The Final Clause Of Tacitus (Funk/Rock)

The Just

The Omniscient (Hardcore)

The Womps (Folk Rock/Punk)

Tonight We Hunt (Metalcore)

Tragic Earth (Hard Rock/Metal)

Tuskens (Pop Punk)

Undisclosed Day (Christian Rock)

Vacant Image (Alternative Rock/Metal)

Vanilla King Court (Rock)

Venture (Alternative Rock)

Veronica Grisham (Ambient)

Welland Wasted (Punk Rock/Thrash)

Wise Youngblood (Rock)

Within Shadows (Metal)

Written By Wolves (Rock)

4 Daze Dead (Rock)

53 Judges (Rock)