Abyssic (Funeral Doom/Death Metal)

Alfonso Conspiracy (Industrial/Metal)

Altamadum (Rock)

Altered Myths (Rock)

A Villains Neverland (Metalcore)

Bigmotorgasoline (Rock)

Blood of Angels (Metal)

Bona Lisa (Rock)

Breksir (Metal)

Bullet To The Heart (Hard Rock/Metal)

Cirka:Sik (Metal)

Cotter (Pop Punk)

Dark Zodiak (Metal)

Dawn Vally (Metal)

Dayisnear (Thrash/Metal)

Death of the Drive In (Rock)

Deceiving The Spectre (Metal)

Deface The Dream (Rock/Metal)

Diana Drive (Hard Rock)

Direlands (Metal)

Embers As Echoes (Metal)

Ending Empires (Rock)

Ephemerus (Rock)

Faith In Failure (Rock/Metal)

Five Ways To Nowhere (Hard Rock)

Grenon (Punk/Rock)

Hire The Puppets (Punk)

Iravera (Progressive Metal)

Jack of None (Rock)

Jumping The Gun (Rock)

Just the Basic (Post Hardcore/Rock)

Make Your Mark (Metalcore)

Misery Lane (Metal)

Mournful Lines (Alternative Metal)

Neofelis Nebulosa (Rock)

Neostem (Punk/Metal)

Nightmare Canvas (Thrash Metal)

Northern Redemption (Hard Rock/Metal)

NVision (Rock)

One Minute Shy (Metal)

Opposition Out (Metal)

Redlizzard (Rock)

Rockin' Engine (Metal)

Severed Humanity (Metal)

Shadows At Bay (Rock)

Shrouded Luminosity (Metal)

Sikario (Metal)

Silenced Minstrel (Black Metal)

Sinnrs (Orchestral Death Metal)

Six Feet To Salvation (Hard Rock/Metal)

Sixtytwo Juliet (Indie Pop Punk)

Snailmate (Synth Punk/Hip Hop)

Snowfish (Rock)

Sölar (Rock)

Somewhere Between (Hard Rock/Metal)

Tea With Titans (Metalcore)

The Fear Within (Post Hardcore)

The Hangovers (Rock)

The Isolated Brigade (Rock)

The Ocean Deep (Synth Pop Punk)

The Tragic Company (Rock)

Timeless Haunt (Metal)

Touch The Buffalo (Rock)

Unwired Society (Punk)

Vaticide (Gothic Metal)

Verdoemd (Metal)

Weight Of Emptiness (Metal)

Windom End (Progressive Rock)

3 Pieces Of Evil (Symphonic Black Metal)

12 Days Straight (Metal)

137 (Metal)