Altamadum (Rock)

Altered Myths (Rock)

Animal Sun (Rock)

Ask Carol (Rock)

Audrey Ripper (Rock)

Awaiting Sacrifice (Metal)

Bloodmores (Thrash Metal)

Blue Clutch (Progressive/Alternative Metal)

Brake Loose (Rock)

Brooklane (Pop Punk)

Caldera (Rock)

Ceres (Hard Rock/Metal)

Chaos Ritual

Coattails (Rock)

Crash 45 (Punk)

Cryptic Plague (Thrash Metal)

Dark Agenda (Metal)

Dawn Vally (Metal)

Dead Reckoning (Metal)

Death of the Drive In (Rock)

Emerald Rage (Metal)

Faith In Failure (Hard Rock/Metal)

Five Ways To Nowhere (Hard Rock)

FlipCup (Pop Punk)

Fortunato (Instrumental Rock)

Hallow 14 (Metalcore)

Highfront (Hard Rock)

Highland Rose (Hard Rock)

Hire The Puppets (Punk)

Impervious Mind (Hard Rock)

Iravera (Progressive Metal)

Jumping The Gun (Rock)

Junexa (Post Hardcore)

Just the Basic (Post Hardcore/Rock)

Kings Petition (Hard Rock)

Lonestar Massacre (Deathcore)

Long Time No Time (Jazz/Rock)

Maroon River (Rock)

My Dark Reality (Rock)

Nail The Casket (Metalcore)

Negan (Hard Rock/Metal)

Neostem (Punk/Metal)

Nightmare Canvas (Thrash Metal)

Old Man Oblivion (Progressive Metalcore)

One Minute Shy (Metal)

One Wing (Rock)

Phazed (Rock)

Psycho Hed (Metal)

Reaching For Reality (Rock)

Reapercussion (Thrash Metal)

Rebel Revolver (Rock)

Red Sun Phenomenon (Progressive Blues Rock)

Refract (Rock)

Runaway Ricochet (Ska/Punk)

Scarlet Demore (Rock)

Severed Humanity (Metal)

Shattered (Metal)

Shrouded Luminosity (Metal)

Signs of Insanity (Metalcore)

Sinful Ways (Metal)

Siren's Rain (Folk Metal)

Sixtytwo Juliet (Indie Pop Punk)

Small City Blues (Hard Rock)

Sölar (Rock)

Some People's Kids (Rock)

Somewhere Between (Hard Rock/Metal)

Stereo Pharaoh (Rock)

Suits and Daggers (Metal)

Taubnernaut (Psychedelic Metal)

Tea With Titans (Metalcore)

The Art Of Deception (Metal)

The Creatures In Secret (Metal)

The Isolated Brigade (Rock)

The Metal Byrds (Rock)

The Middle Room (Pop Punk)

The Multitude (Prog Rock/Metal)

The Neuro Farm (Dark Wave/Indie Rock)

Then Falls The Sky (Metalcore)

The Tale Untold (Metal)

The Tragic Company (Rock)

Thy Station (Progressive Metal)

Touch The Buffalo (Rock)

Toxic Nobility (Rock)

Twelve Hour Day (Rock)

Vela (Metalcore)

Voices of Galadh (Progressive Rock/Metal)

Weight Of Emptiness (Metal)

Withered Veins (Grunge/Hard Rock)

Would You Kindly? (Pop Punk)

Wring Out (Easycore)

3 Pieces Of Evil (Symphonic Black Metal)