Altamadum (Rock)

Audrey Ripper (Rock)

Auslander (Deathcore)

Authority (Hard Rock)

Awaiting Sacrifice (Metal)

Blackcat Manor (Punk/Metal)

Blue Clutch (Progressive/Alternative Metal)

Brookline (Alternative Rock)

Call It Tragedy (Metalcore)

Carrying Torches (Rock)

Caster Volor (Rock)

Ceres (Hard Rock/Metal)

Cinema 23 (Pop Punk/Rock)

Choir Of Babble (Rock)

Complicated Arrangement (Punk)

Crash 45 (Punk)

Dark Rain (Rock)

Dawn Vally (Metal)

Days To Come (Rock)

Dead Reckoning (Metal)

Embracing The Enemy (Metal)

Five Ways To Nowhere (Hard Rock)

Generation Underground (Hard Rock)

Getaway Van (Rock)

Hail Alien (Punk)

Hallow 14 (Metalcore)

Honest Goodbye (Pop Punk)

Impervious Mind (Hard Rock)

In My Room (Indie Rock)

JitterFlow (Avante-Garde Rock)

Jumping The Gun (Rock)

Mellow Cassette (Indie Rock)

Memories of Sunday (Metal)

Microcosms (Rock)

Minority 905 (Pop Punk)

Moment To Capitalize (Pop Punk)

Negan (Hard Rock/Metal)

Neostem (Punk/Metal)

Nightmare Canvas (Thrash Metal)

O'K and the Night Crew (Rock)

Old Man Oblivion (Progressive Metalcore)

Opposition Out (Metal)

Pretty City (Rock)

Psycho Visions (Metal)

Reaction Jacket (Alternative Rock)

Revival (Melodic Metal/Hard Rock)

Ring Of Gyges (Progressive Metal)

Runaway Ricochet (Ska/Punk)

Salem Trials (Metal)

Sallow Regent (Metal)

Second Glance (Easycore)

Shattered (Metal)

Silverlight Shadows (Rock)

Sölar (Rock)

Somewhere Between (Hard Rock/Metal)

Spineless, Heartless (Emo/Pop Punk)

Stepping Sideways (Progressive Metal)

Stranger Minds (Rock)

Suits and Daggers (Metal)

The Aftergreens (Indie Rock)

The Art Of Deception (Metal)

The Big Dirty (Rock)

The Creatures In Secret (Metal)

The Final Burial (Deathcore/Djent)

The Isolated Brigade (Rock)

Then Falls The Sky (Metalcore)

The Radiant (Rock/Electronic)

The Time Framed (Alternative Hard Rock)

Til We Ignite (Nu Metal/Post Hardcore)

Touch The Buffalo (Rock)

Twelve Hour Day (Rock)

Unknown Toxin (Pop Punk)

Verdegree (Rock)

Vermont (Indie Rock/Punk)

Vogue Villains (Alternative Rock)

Weight Of Emptiness (Metal)

Westwood (Rock)

We The Unwilling (Metal)

Wings Over Society (Pop/Rock)

Winter Is Coming (Metalcore)

Would You Kindly? (Pop Punk)