-Review- The Wedding - Polarity

The Wedding
Label: Brave New World Records
From: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Release Date: 4/17/07


Track Listing:

1. The Call
2. Say Your Prayers
3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4. Staring At The Light
5. This One's For You
6. I-540
7. It's Time To Rock On
8. Rebound
9. Schizophrenia
10. The Last Stand
11. Misery Loves Company
12. Southside
13. Revelation
14. Fireworks

You don't really here too much from bands coming out of Arkansas. The Wedding is from Arkansas and they're looking to put their mark on the music scene. With melodic hooks and infectious riffs, the band is a Christian alternative rock band that any fan of rock should be able to enjoy.

With that being said, this album is pretty darn good. Some might say that the album is too long and too repetitive but the album is quite enjoyable. I can see someone just sticking this on before they leave on a road trip and you can really get lost in this and rock out to it.

The first song is just an intro track but the second song "Say Your Prayers" sets the tone for the entire album. The lead singer has a very City Sleeps singing style to him and those who aren't familiar with that band, be sure to check them out too. The song "I-540" is a very low key piano laden song that picks up steam and becomes formulaic as it becomes a little hard as the song goes on. The song really isn't as good as maybe it should've been.

"It's Time To Rock On" brings you back to the rock and pretty much goes where the song explains. The song "Rebound" is the best and most catchiest song on the album. The song will get stuck in your head for days and you won't want to stop listening to it. It's THAT good.

If you're a fan of mainstream rock, check out this album. You won't be disappointed. Some would say the album is too long (14 songs) but once you start listening to the album, it doesn't even seem like that long.

Sounds like:
City Sleeps, Switchfoot

Standout Tracks-
"Say Your Prayers"