-Interview- From Almost The End 3/24/08

From Almost The End

Genre: Melodic metalcore akin to Killswitch Engage or Bullet For My Valentine.
Interviewed on: 3/24/08
From: Essex, UK


1. How did the band get together?

The band started off with rob(vocals), Tom(guitar) and shortly joined by tuck (guitar) when they were back in school. These 3 formed the foundation of the band. There have been a number of drummers and bass players but always these 3 :) Tom joined the band about 2 years ago when he moved from the the north east to make the current line up.

2. Why the name From Almost The End?

The band was previously called "Inscape" and did fairly well under that name. Rob then started to suffer from panic attacks and be unable to perform. From almost the end was actually the last song the band wrote under the name inscape. The band was on the brink of breaking up but decided to start fresh, change the name and as a result of this fresh start robs panic attacks are gone and coincidently from almost the end formed "F.A.T.E" which is kinda how things seem to be working out! :)

3. Being from the UK, do you feel metal is more accepted because of bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage?

In many ways yes, in others its a bit of a hinderance. We get compared to kill switch alot (which incredibly flatering) but also frustrating as we like to think we have a different and unique sound. Constantly being compared to other bands is hard when your trying to stand out from the crowd.

4. What can we expect on the new album? Is it named?

Expect some of what you would expect and alot you wouldnt. Weve really pushed ourselves with the writing of the new material. Alot of it is alot more gritty and almost punky. Weve gone for groove and feel over simplicity really. Album is not currently named (some of the songs are still yet to be named) but im sure rob will come up with something cool ;)

5. You guys shot a video for "Still Blind" awhile back, how did that go?

Yea it was a great experience. We worked with chris phillips who is a freind of the band and also works for MTV as an editor and camera man. Hes an amazingly talented guy and we hope to use him for our next video which will come out at the same time as the album.

6. Any good show stories?

Probably 2 many to list and not many that are suitable in polite company! Last year we did over 100 shows, which is a pretty impressive number considering we all work full time. Were going out on tour for a couple of weeks this year and probably again in the summer so keep an eye out ;)

7. You guys are touring the UK soon with Fei Comodo, any thoughts on touring over here in the US?

To get over the states would be a dream come true. Ive never personally been to the states but i know how good the metal scene is over there and the sheer size of the states and number of venues would be awsome! We would love to support an established band on a tour over there. Were hopeing to hit europe later this year but its all up in the air at the moment focusing on the album and release.

8. Are there any UK bands that we should check out?

Well you already mentioned Fei comodo, they are one of the best bands the uk have to offer in my opinion. Also a band called out cry fire who again were close friends with and a truely awsome live band. www. myspace. com/outcryfire

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

I know alot of us are heavy into Refused at the moment (probably what has influence the style of the album). One of the best examples of "balls to the wall" bands! Theres no bullshit or pretence just fuckin great music played with feel.

10. What's next for From Almost The End?

Were in talks with a couple of labels at the moment and some very promising things on the horizon. This year is going to be focused on building our existing fan base and getting to new and further a field places. then next year....world domination ;)

11. Any shoutouts?

Just thanks for taking the time to interview us and support us. Its really encouraging to have people contact us and say they like what we do and be interested. Really just encourage anyone that hasnt heard us to check us out and drop us a message or a comment. I try to reply to every comment and message (if i dont manage this im sorry in advance) but just want to return the favor to people who take the time to check us out!