Interview- At Long Last 8/24/08

At Long Last

Genre: Metal akin to old Dead To Fall.
Interviewed on: 8/24/08
From: Souderton, PA

1. How you guys doin? How did the guitarist search going?

We're doing pretty good these days. The guitarist search has slowed us down a bit, but we can't complain. Finding a replacement for Jeff isn't going to be easy, he's one of the best guitarists I've seen on the local level, but we do have a few pretty impressive prospects.

2. Have you guys been working on any new material?

We have a few new jams in the works. We should be posting new DIY recordings of two of our new songs, "Stillborn"(Butchnasty), and "Upon the Shoulders of Atlas", sometime in September. On top of that we have two other nasty new songs in the works. We're taking the music in a slightly different direction, but much like lucky charms, the jams are still magically delicious.

3. How did the band come about and form?

Bob Hunsberger and Ian Jerdon, having been in previous defunct bands, were looking to get a metal band going. They approached Jeff Cassel and Ryan Braun about getting something started, and thats how it started. Soon we added our bud, Dave Dry, on bass to round out the sound. That initial crew hit the local scene pretty hard for a while. Aaron Throop eventually replaced Dave on bass, and we've been jamming with Chris Fox on drums for a few weeks and we really like what he is doing. The search for a replacement guitarist has been narrowed to a select few, but no one has been named yet.

4. Any crazy show stories?

More of the craziness happens on the way to the show. About 3/5 of the band members have questionable driving abilities, so there's a couple of dents on our vehicles that have some interesting stories. We're all a little nuts on stage, so if you watch the entire set, I'm sure you'll find something to put in here.

5. If you guys could tour with three bands, who would they be?

I would say At the Gates, All Shall Perish, and either Knights of the Abyss or The Black Dahlia Murder. All of those bands have influenced our band musically, and to share the stage with those guys would blow our young minds. Plus, I think that'd just be a sick show to see. Imagine all those bands together, it'd be such glorious mayhem.

6. Have you guys watched the Olympics at all? If so, what sports have you been most interested in?

They play sportscenter a lot where I work, so i catch the highlights of most of the events. Mikey Phelps and Usain Bolt are just insane. Its always sweet watching people shatter world records. Its some quality programming.

7. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

If the artist you're downloading doesn't approve then you shouldn't do it. Feel free to download us illegally.... if you can find our music anywhere haha.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Out of the current set our favorite song is one we call, "leatherface". Our fans love it, and we have absolutely foolish dance moves mixed throughout. Its always a good time.

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

Everything imaginable. We draw inspiration from a lot of different genres. Right now, I'm in a pretty big Necrophagist stage. Whitechapel is always a safe bet as well. I recently discove-red Impending Doom's album, Nailed. Dead. Risen., and I've been listening to that pretty regularly. Jedi Mind Tricks satisfies our need for more urban jams.

10. What's next for At Long Last?

Hopefully big things are in the works for us. We've recently rededicated ourselves to writing challenging and nasty metal. We want the world to hear us.

11. Any shoutouts?

Of course! Gotta give our boys DWAthePUNISHER, Fats Domino, and the BIG HEFTY a shout. They've supported us from the beginning. They're handsome.