-Interview- Martyr Defiled 8/26/08

Martyr Defiled

Genre: Death metal/Hardcore akin to Bring Me The Horizon.
Interviewed on: 8/26/08
From: Nottingham, UK


1. How you guys doin? How is the music scene over there in the UK?

Good man, everything in the UK is peachy. There are always people at shows, people buying merch. Everyone complains, but the scene in the UK has never been so good and probably never will be again - we should be enjoying it as much as we can.

2. How did the album artwork for "Condoning Innoculation" come about?

Theres a long story behind that. We spoke to BeforeHisFall Media about getting our demo cover done, which we paid £100 in advance for a 4 page booklet, CD and a back cover, basic cd stuff. We then spent around 2 months trying to get the artwork or our money back off beforehisfall as he stopped all contact with us. We ended up having to start a full campaign against bhf to try and get his attention.

3. You guys are recording your EP in a few weeks, you guys excited?

Yeah, we really wanna get our new stuff out there, hopefully get signed and start making our way into the national scene.

4. Any crazy show stories?

Our vocalist Matt has a habit of getting wound up and getting in peoples faces- he once attacked a guy in mansfield while on stage for bullying another kid!

5. If you guys could tour with three bands, who would they be?

Whitechapel, Suicide Silence and Necrophagist!

6. Have you guys watched the Olympics at all? If so, what sports have you been most interested in?

Our drummer is a basketball player and a semi pro footballer (soccer for yanks), so he's been interested in those ones!

7. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Independant labels and DIY bands suffer because of illegal downloading - bands survive on a combination of shows and merch sales. Downloading their music makes life so much harder for bands to function and affects everything that everyone has worked hard to put together over the last couple of years.

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Barren, or Condoning Innoculation because when we play it, people know the words and its cool to see the reactions we get!

9. What are you guys currently listening to?

We're listening loads of stuff - Ali and Euan are on stuff like Panzerchrist, Necrophagist, Impending Doom and Cryptopsy whereas Matt, Rick and Dave listen to stuff like Suicide Silence, Molotov Solution and Whitechapel. We all listen to each others stuff, so it all influences us.

10. What's next for Martyr Defiled?

We've got some big tours in the pipelines, and we've already got a couple of dates with Annotations Of An Autopsy in the UK. Hopefully after we release the EP we'll get signed and start getting recognised on a national level.

11. Any shoutouts?

Our crab basher bros in Many Things Untold, and Kettle from PMP for his 1am phonecalls!