-Interview- All Or Nothing 9/2/08

All Or Nothing
(Zone 6 Records)

Genre: Punk/Hardcore akin to Set Your Goals or Four Year Strong .
Interviewed on: 9/2/08
From: Birmingham, UK


1. How you guys doin? How's the new material coming along?

We're doing good! Thanks for asking man! The new stuff is coming along nicely, we've written 6 songs and we're choosing the 3 we like the most to record in october with our good friends at Outhouse Studios in reading.

2. What can people expect from the new record?

We've spent quite a bit of time going back over songs and demo-ing songs and taking bits out/ re-working songs this time around so the new songs are put together a lot better than our old songs, we don't want to rush the songwriting process at all but i think last time we maybe did. It's defintitely still similar to our old material but expect it to be faster/heavier/catchier.. and loads more words that end in "er".

3. How did you hook up with Zone 6 Records in the UK?

I think it started through Saggs at Zone 6 just emailing us and telling us he liked our shit, then we sent him the whole old album and he was into it and was interested in helping us out with our next release. We already knew about Zone 6 from being into bands such as Living With Lions, Bangarang, Chaos Days, they had an awesome roster of bands so we thought it would be cool to work with them!

4. What are some of your influences?

We're mainly influenced by 90's skate punk i'd say, we all grew up loving bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, Early Blink and NFG, then there was the 90's drive-thru era where New Found Glory became huge and there was a bunch of sweet pop punk bands around like midtown, saves the day etc. I think you can definitely hear from our music that we mix influences from skate punk bands such as Strike Anywhere with simple catchy pop punk hooks. It's all good!

5. Any crazy show stories?

On our most recent tour we played Ipswich, we'd never been there before so didn't really know what to expect but it ended up being the best date of tour, they all go fucking nuts there! and everyone there was really kind to us. But it was probably the hottest show i've played in my life, we all had to play in boxers and the venue was small but rammed, the best part of the night was when i looked up and saw some dudes legs hanging from the ceiling! He'd somehow managed to climb up and get his whole upper body in the roof of the venue so there were just some legs dangling from the ceiling! Also during our tour buddies Save Your Breath's set, their guitarist Parslow somehow got electrocuted and nearly passed out against the wall! That was fun, but crazy!

6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

That's a hard one, Personally i'd like to tour with Strike Anywhere, i've been a big fan for ages and i think doing somewhere like Japan with those guys would be intense!
Then i think Tim would love to tour with NOFX, it would be cool to go out with such a legendary band and play to that many people each night. And i think Joe would want to tour with Justin Timberlake, he has a thing for him.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

I think it's a hard subject because the majority of people do it, it's different when you look at it from the perspective of being in a band and having your music downloaded when you've worked hard and spent a lot of money to get that music out there. But at the same time it's cool that kids actually want to download your stuff in a way, i wouldn't have a problem say if a kid came up to me at a show and told me they'd downloaded our music, because they would have still come to the show and supported us and maybe even bought a t-shirt, as long as people are hearing it and getting into it and supporting your band then you've still done what you hoped to acheive when you wrote and recorded those songs!

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

At the moment it's gotta be "One Night..." just because it's the song everyone knows the most and we always get a good reception and get people singing along to that song! There's a couple of new ones that i can't wait to add to the set though!

9. What are you currently listening to?

At the moment i cant get enough of a band called Deaf Havana, you should check them out in our top friends if you like Everytime I Die/ Gallows type stuff. I've also been jamming Say Anything in my car for a while, i think "...is a real boy" is an amazing album.

10. What's next for All Or Nothing?

Well there's recording in October.. Then a tour with US Sing-along punks Fake Problems, we've got an awesome show lined up with Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong in Leeds, then hopefully next year we can branch out of the UK and hit mainland europe, possibly even the states if we're lucky!

11. Any shoutouts?

Ahh too many! Firstly thank you for the interview it was a pleasure! And then to our bro's in The Wonder Years, Chaos Days, Save Your Breath, Me Vs Hero, In This For Fun, Kiss The Sharks,The Swellers if you haven't heard any of those bands then please check them out! And then to everyone reading this, everyone who listen's to our music and appreciates what we do, everyone at our shows/buying merch/singing a long. It's awesome and we love it!