-Interview- We Are Fiction 9/4/08

We Are Fiction
(Rising Records)

Genre: Melodic Metalcore akin to Bury Tomorrow or old Atreyu.
Interviewed on: 9/4/08
From: Peterborough, UK


1. How you guys doin? You guys are going on tour soon with Lavondyss, you guys excited to head out?

We’re good thanks! Yea, we’re all super excited to go out on tour! The Lavondyss guys are awesome! Its just gonna be a whole week of partying, shitting in gobs, pranks, playing shows and drinking until we puke on each other! Can’t get much better really! Its gonna be cool to see some new places and faces as well. Hopefully we can get people to have a good time.

2. You guys just got signed to Rising Records (Open The Skies, Many Things Untold), how did you guys hook up with them?

Well we basically sent a press pack with a CD of all our recorded tracks on it, along with a biography of the band and our general story and ambitions etc. Then a few days later we got an email from Mark Daghorn (owner or Rising Records) saying he really liked what he heard and would like to come see us play. So we arranged a show in Norwich for him to come and meet us and see us play. Again he liked what he saw and wanted us to come down the HQ the following weekend to talk about a possible future with the company… and here we are now!

3. How did the band come about and form?

Well, 4 out of 5 of us used to be in a long running band called “Between Broken Ashes”, who had moderate success but after about 2 years together our singer and front man decided it wasn’t for him anymore; so we decided to call it a day. The other 4 of us didn’t want to stop making and playing music, so we decided to continue on together. We couldn’t stay as BBA as we had lost the main voice of the band, so we decided to start again with a new name, new front man, new songs… new band effectively! We managed to get hold of a very dashing and talented young man by the name of Phillip Barker to fill the position of front man. We started writing together as “We Are Fiction” in July 2007.

4. What can people expect from your live show?

A lot of energy, guitar spins and us jumping around like mad men. Since we started We Are Fiction we made sure that we are known in a positive respect for our stage presence. Personally, it seems that if a band is lifeless on stage, it doesn’t matter what kind of music they are playing, the crowd will lose interest. But this works the other way around too. If a band is lively and has great stage presence then it doesn’t matter if the music isn’t really their thing, the crowd will show their support! I know its said way too many times by bands, but it IS really important to us that everyone has a good night out at a show!

5. How has the response been to the new material? Any thoughts on coming over to the US to possible tour?

Responses have been good so far. We’re writing a lot of new material from now till the album recording in January so hopefully we will get some good feedback from them also. As for touring in the US, we’d love to! We all love the states and to tour there would be a dream come true! Maybe we can get our new label to fork out some money for a VIP tour bus or something…. maybe not haha.

6. If you could tour with three bands who would they be?

Tom: For me it would have to be Alexisonfire, Underoath and Every Time I Die

Ryan: Paramore (I’ll rock the boat baby!), Alexisonfire (shock) and Blink 182

Adam: Steps, Boyzone & Michael Jackson…obviously not

Phil: Nirvana, Alexisonfire, Every time I die

Andi: The Used, The Used and probably The Used.

7. What are your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

Its not a good thing… but ultimately its unstoppable! I don’t think there will ever be a reasonable way of controlling illegal downloads. It sucks because its pretty much stealing someone’s work and trade! Personally, we think the only thing we can do is leave it up to the choice of the individual. If we all heard a song and we liked it, we would want to pay that person for their effort… to kinda say thank you. Unfortunately music is expensive, but it would be nice for people to realise that smaller bands have such a hard time to move to the next level. So ripping them kind of bands off is pretty grim!

8. What is your favorite song to play live and why?

Tom: Remedy for the Incurables - Because it’s usually first and has loads of energy.

Ryan: Desire Lines - Because it’s got a lot of energy, and I just go insane really.

Adam: You wanna dance - fun to sing!

Phil: Desire Lines - because we usually play it at the end and its one of our fastest. Leaves a nice end to the show!

Andi: Desire Lines - Because I get to drop my guitar, go nuts and kick Ryan in the balls at the end of the set. J

9. What are you currently listening to?

Tom: A lot of things. The stuff I mostly listen to is stuff like, Alexisonfire, The Bled, Underoath, He Is Legend, Every Time I Die, Paramore, Dillinger Escape Plan. I also like to listen stuff like Dizzy Rascal and DJ Hype. I’ll listen to any music that I like. I don’t tend to just go specifically for one genre of music and block everything else out.

Ryan: At the minute, mostly Frank Turner, City & Colour and Black Lungs, all so amazing. Then other stuff I’m really into at the minute is like All Idols Fall, Cancer Bats, Set Your Goals; then the all time favourites of Alexisonfire, Brand New and all the usual stuff!

Adam: Ryan whispering naughty things in my ear…

Phil: I’ve just bought Many Things Untold’s album, so giving that a good seeing to. Other than that, just old classics such as Nirvana!

Andi: Biffy Clyro, The Used, Angels & Airwaves, Darude, DJ Hixxy, Dre, City and Colour, 2 Many DJ’s, The Nextmen, Diego Bertelli, my flatmate trying to get me to clean up.

10. What's next for We Are Fiction?

We’re looking forward to getting the tour started and playing as many shows as we can for the rest of the year. Also, writing and trying to make the best music we possibly can, ready for the album and music video next year. We can’t wait to show people what we’ve been making and we hope that we can really turn some heads with this new material. We just don’t wanna stop!

11. Any shoutouts?

Everyone who has ever supported us. All the bands in our home town of Peterborough who have kept the music scene going.

Stevo - He Say a Ci!

Chris DOWNSS, our personal roadie and cameraman