-Interview- Find Me Fighting Them 2/16/09

Find Me Fighting Them

Genre: Indie rock akin to At The Drive In or Radiohead.
Interviewed on: 2/16/09
From: Sacramento, CA


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

Jeff-Guitar, Vocals, Electric Piano, Drums, Sequencing, and Engineering
Julie-Vocals, Electric Piano, and Drums.
Cliff-Drums and Sequencing

2. How did you guys get together and form?

I have been involved in different music projects with Matt and Jeff for about four years now. Julie recorded at Jeff's studio and Jeff and I end up working on a song with her. We kicked out the bassist we had at the time a couple months later, and Julie was our first pick to replace him. Max and Julie work together.

3. You guys have a indie/experimental/pop sound, what are some of your influences?

We've never really sat down and decided "We like this band, we should sound like that." And I honestly cannot think of a single artist every single person in the band likes. Maybe Radiohead? Probably At The Drive-In as well.

4. How would you describe your live show for people that haven't seen you yet?

Matt freaks out the entire time. All of our gear decides it's time for a nap. We play all of our songs entirely too loud. 25% of the time I drop a stick.

5. You guys recorded the song "Leak Out The Spiders" with Dryw of Consider The Thief, how you guys hook up and become so close with the band?

We played with Heartshed, which had three of the members of Consider the Thief a long long time ago. Actually one month I think nearly every single show we had was with Heartshed. We've kind of just always ended up playing together by some odd chance. Plus I think Jordan carried Jeff by his inner thighs once a couple years ago.

6. What is your favorite song to play live? Why?

Well haven't played most of our new songs live yet, but I'm guessing "Two Years Without Roads" is going to be awesome because three of us are playing drums at the same time.

7. For a band that has been together for a little while now, what is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

Probably our Van the Gatekeeper. It's beautiful.

8. What are three bands you'd love to hit the road with?

Andrew WK, Radiohead, Andrew WK

9. What are you guys currently jamming out to?

New Animal Collective. Dear Science by TV on the Radio. Andrew WK's Magnum Opus "I Get Wet".

10. What's next for Find Me Fighting Them?

After this EP comes out we will be self-producing the next which should be out in two or three months. Finishing our cover album.

11. Any shoutouts?

Thanks to anyone that likes our band.