-Interview- Suburban Losers 7/12/09

Suburban Losers

Genre: Punk rock akin to NOFX or Alkaline Trio .
Interviewed on: 7/12/09
From: Reading, PA


1. How did you guys come up with the name "Suburban Losers"?

Well, we all grew up in suburban areas, and we're considered losers by society, so we just put those two things together and there you have it.

2. You guys recently went through a little bit of a hiatus, how is everything going so far?

i don't know if you could call it a hiatus, but i guess you could, haha. we just lost our two previous guitarists and then found our best addition in Alex. Since Alex joined everything had been going amazing, we've had better songs, more shows, and more success in the local area. Plus with Alex we recorded an EP and started a series of basement demos that will showcase our writing processes.

3. Your material is very old school punk, what are some of your influences?

we were influenced by hardcore punk more so in the beginning and in our previous band, but nowadays we're influenced by 90's punk and pop/punk, but if we're getting specific i'd say our influences include: Minor Threat, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Old School Green Day, Against Me!, Screeching Weasel, NoFX, and a lot more.

4. You guys have a song called "Kevin Smith". What was the inspiration behind that song?

When i (Rich) wrote that song, i was influenced by a band called Nerf Herder to write a more light hearted comedy kind of song while at the time most of our songs were dark and angry. I bbelieve that day i had watched Clerks 2 and we are all big fans of Kevin Smith's movies, so i was inspired to write that song about such a brilliant and hilarious director.

5. Is there a certain crowd favorite that always gets the crowd moving and singing along? If so, what song is it? i guess if any song it would be Kevin Smith, we usually get a lot of compliments about that song after shows.

6. Any good show stories?

The best one we've got so far is when we played a Hot Topic Acoustic In-Store Tour in May and at 2 shows there were little kids that for some reason liked us a lot. The best one was our finale at the Berkshire Mall Hot Topic where this little girl started crying because her parents wanted to leave and she liked us so much that she really wanted to stay, haha.

7. You guys are releasing your debut EP soon, what can we expect from it?

Our EP was already released on St Patrick's Day of this year, the EP is a mixture of pop/punk and hardcore punk with a little bit of folk mixed in. It has songs about our Straight Edge Lifestyle, songs of pain, and songs of hating society and the rules it makes the human race follow daily. It has 7 Punk Rock songs and we've been told it has shades of Operation Ivy.

8. What's your thoughts on illegal music downloading?

we have no problem with it, in fact, we encourage it. i think an artist should be able to decide if they want to sell their music or not, not the labels. Also, in this day and age where money is hard to come by, i think more artists should give out music for free, because music isn't about money, it's about having fun and sending a positive and powerful message.

9. What are you guys currently jamming out to?

Rich: New Found Glory, Gaslight Anthem, Bayside, Saves The Day, Against Me!, Alkaline Trio

Jason: Rancid, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio

Alex: NoFX, Green Day, Alkaline Trio

10. What's next for Suburban Losers?
More Shows, New Songs, a Future Full Length Record, and a monthly Hot Topic In-Store show on the last Thursday of every month starting July 30th. Also we will be D.I.Y. pressing our first installment in the Basement Sounds Demo series.

11. Any shoutouts?

Bryan and Mike Piontek of Five Minute Freakshow and Stoyer. Bryan recorded our EP for us in his studio (Slag Studios). Mike and Stoyer have been huge helps and mentors to all of us. Also, Frank Phobia and Justin Enemy (from Common Enemy), definitely the best booking team on the East Coast.