-Review- Epitome Of The Weak - Shallow Tides (3/2/11)

Epitome Of The Weak
Label: From The Depths Entertainment
From: Springfield, VA
Shallow Tides
Release Date: 2011
Sounds like: All That Remains


Track Listing:

1. Waking Torment (Intro)
2. Sanctity
3. Relapse
4. Consecrated Voyage
5. Behind Broken Walls
6. Rising Sun

When you think metal, the state of Virginia doesn't really come to mind. Epitome Of The Weak is here to change that. The intro track "Waking Torment" is an instrumental that builds momentum for the album to come. "Sanctity" is very melodic but very reminiscent of old Bullet For My Valentine, clean vocals throughout but still holds the heaviness to keep the metalhead happy.

"Relapse" is the third song on the album and it's opening riffing is very Slayer like oddly enough. It goes into harsher vocals while having clean vocals which is very much like old All That Remains. "Consecrated Voyage" is sure to get the floor moving and the crowd singing along as its very breakdown heavy and then breaks into clean singing which then transitions into a guitar solo which differs things up.

"Behind Broken Walls" is a song that keeps the theme of harsh vocals mixed with clean vocals going but still keeps it fresh due to the riffing and fine instrumentation in the background. While "Rising Sun" closes the album, the song is by no means a slowdown filler song. The song is radio friendly with catchy riffing and choruses that is memorable to get stuck in your head. Near the end of the song is potential for a gang chant if played live with the lyrics of "We won't fall". I hope that is indeed true and the band keeps kicking just like their album kicks ass.

While this album may be an acquired taste for some due to its metal uniqueness, the potential of the music is definitely there. With more time and hard work, Epitome Of The Weak will become one of the major players in the metal movement.

Standout Tracks-
"Rising Sun"