-Interview- The Dissension (2/10/12)

The Dissension
(From The Depths Entertainment)

Genre: Technical metal
Interviewed on: 2/10/12
From: Harbor Springs, MI
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1.Who thought of the name “The Dissension”? How would you describe your music?

Josh thought of it, just had a deadline for a name and threw that out there. No special reason for it. Our music is different and a little unpredictable. We've been described as a kind of progressive and melodic metalcore.

2. You guys released the “Gladius” single not too long ago, is there any new music coming out or being recorded soon? If so, when can we expect it?

YES! We are currently working on writing lots of new music that better describes "The Dissension Sound" We are trying to record it all along with writing. We want to get it out as soon as possible. Hopefully by mid spring we can start showing it off.

3. You guys shot a music video for “Gladius”, how did it go? Who shot it and how long did it take? Any plans on another video?

It was fun! It started out as a school project for Andrea Cronk, a Harbor Springs student and musician also. Surprisingly it took only a few hours of filming. Andrea finished the editing herself. No plans yet on another video, we got a lot of other business on the table at the moment.

4. How does the writing process within the band occur?

Originally, writing was done by serperatly bringing ideas and teaching it to the rest of the band. However, for our new music we focus on writing together. We try to collaberate and take everyones ideas and opinions into account. That way we get that "band" sound that makes us all happy.

5. What’s the music scene like there in MI? What’s your take on the whole metalcore scene in general?

The music scene is quite active in Michigan! Lots of good musicians around and many music lovers to support it. As for the metal scene, we feel lately its a little excessive with the trends and looks, and that it can somewhat limit the creative process. Not that we dont appreciate it, cause without it we couldn't do much. We tend to stray from "Scene" and "Trend" and stick to our own ideas, we feel thats the only way to be original about it.

6. You guys have had shows with For The Fallen Dreams and others. Any good show stories?

Every show is a fun unique experience. Nothing real crazy has happened yet, but we often take our mascot and friend M. Bison (a taxidermied deer head) down to shows and show him off to the city folk. We get a lot of good reactions that makes the trip fun.

7. What’s your take on music downloading?

Go for it, the more people that listen to music, the better.

8. Who are three artists you’d love to tour with?

ARBITER!!!! Bury the Creator, and for neil.... Trivium!

9. How would you describe your live show?

Live shows are our favorite thing to do! We like to keep a tight up-tempo energetic show that gets the crowd pumped!

10. What's next for The Dissension?

Hopefully A LOT! We got tons of new music on the way that we wanna get recorded for you to hear. After that we want to play as much as possible this summer!

11. Any shoutouts?

Rob and Sabrina Byron for putting up with our shit and doing all they have, without them there wouldn't be The Dissension. Randall Erno for being the man. Jay field, Josh Marr, Jason Martin, Logan Clarke, Connor Arbiter, Dan Calloway, Jeremy Tollas, Andrea Cronk, Marshalls a teddy bear, She Screams of Royalty, Bury the Creator, PAN, We could go on forever thanks everyone so much!!!