-Review- Never Met A Dead Man - Dreams (4/27/12)

Never Met A Dead Man
From: Sequim, WA
Release Date: 2010
Sounds like: Deathcore


Track Listing:

1. Awakening (Intro)
2. Down To The Marrow
3. No Empathy
4. Comin' In Hot!
5. Dreams (Instrumental)
6. The Destruction Process
7. Leave It To Cleaver
8. Hollow Hearts

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The opening track is just an intro but has a little diversity to it with a synth laden death metal breakdown capturing the entire track. "Down To The Marrow" has melodic synth parts but no clean singing. The track shows off the variation of death metal that these guys are capable of producing. "No Empathy" is their single and has smidgens of It Prevails here and there in the opening. The track crushes with ferocity. Black Dahlia Murder influences are also laden within the track. The breakdown at the end of the song finishes it all up with its synth, double kicker and sheer brutality. "Comin' In Hot" continues the trend of the previous tracks and does it well. "Dreams" is an instrumental interlude to break things up and preprare the listener for the last three tracks. To finish things out is the track "Hollow Hearts" which actually in the last half of the song is a straight melodic part. It leads to a punishing breakdown to top things off of this devastating album.

Sure this release is from 2010 but we're sure these guys will produce an outing that topples this album. When they do, look out. The next release will cause ripples in the heavily diluted deathcore scene. Never Met A Dead Man has their eyes set on their next release and be sure not to miss out.

Standout Tracks-
"Down To The Marrow"
"No Empthay"