-Review- Forgive Us Not - Forgive Us Not EP (2012)

Forgive Us Not
From: Cape Town, South Africa
Sounds like: Metalcore


1. Sea Of Sin
2. Regrets & Empty Threats
3. Fear Me Lucifer
4. Sanctuary
5. Aura Of Nightmares


Forgive Us Not are a young band coming up through the ranks from Cape Town, South Africa. Let's get one thing straight off the bat, music is universal and global. No one should be surprised that metal music is coming out of places like South Africa. Forgive Us Not are out to get everyone's attention that they want to put their hometown as a place of prominence in the metal culture. The highly produced debut EP starts off with the track "Sea Of Sin". The track features screeching vocals and slower almost death metal influenced breakdowns and double bass. Near the end of the track features a guitar solo that is out of this world. "Regrets & Empty Threats" is the next track and it slows the pace down a bit. The track brings to mind early As I Lay Dying. The guitar riff that comes in and out is something almost System Of A Down like. The piano at the end is a nice touch. "Fear Me Lucifer" is their video single and kicks things up to 11. The song gets the floor moving with its ferocious breakdowns right off the bat. This song should be an incredible treat to audiences live. "Sanctuary" keeps things trucking on high octane as it keeps the metalcore flow going. "Aura Of Nightmares" is the end track on the EP and probably the catchiest. The opening guitar riff and drums stand out right away. This track alone will leave audiences begging for more music from this band. From start to finish, this EP is an awesome debut for Forgive Us Not.

Forgive Us Not are bringing their form of metalcore out to the masses and this is a great start. Check out this EP if you're a fan of any type of metal. You won't be disappointed.