-Review- Nigh Horizon - Immovable (2009) (iTunes version)

Nigh Horizon
From: Miami, FL
Sounds like: Rock


1. Stalling
2. Evasion
3. Storm Of Illusions
4. Furnace
5. Deceiving Tides
6. Standoff
7. The Pull
8. Pulse
9. Resilience
10. Reason And Free Will
11. The Recognition Of Existence
12. Immovable

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Nigh Horizon comes from Miami, FL and brings to mind the night life and rock music that will get the beach crowds moving and bobbing. Starting things off is the track "Stalling" which brings to mind Hoobastank and even later Incubus. The crunchy guitars alongside rock melodies keeps the song structure tight and sound throughout. "Evasion" is a track with an almost nu metal type style while still maintaining the modern rock flair. "Storm Of Illusions" slows things down a bit and veers into an almost Fire With Fire territory. "Furnace" picks things back up with its immediate guitar work and powerful lyrics. The track has a very Breaking Benjamin vibe. "Deceiving Tides" is an immediate hit as it takes the listener on a wonderful journey of sound. "Standoff" is more upbeat, fast and heavy. This track is screaming for radio airplay. "The Pull" is a mellow track but still very powerful. This would be a great track to listen to if you want to chill and enjoy some great rock music. "Pulse" is very comparable to Chevelle and its still catchy and rocking. "Resilience" is more uppity and will get your head bobbing. The track would make for a great live track as its sure to get the crowd moving. "Reason And Free Will" once again slows things down for a ballad. The guitar solo near the end of the track is something special. "The Recognition Of Existence" has an almost The Apex Theory quality about it with its frantic riffs and drum work. "Immovable" closes out this spectacular rock album. The track is full of great, pure, rock.

It's been 4 years since this albums release. Nigh Horizon will cause a dent in the rock scene with their upcoming release. Nigh Horizon have all of the characteristics of the next great rock band.