-Review- Silence In The Grey - When The Trees Cried Silver EP (2013)

Silence In The Grey
From: Flemington, NJ
Sounds like: Sludge Metal


1. Moths To A Flame
2. Prophecy Of The Damned
3. As She Lay Dying
4. Overlords
5. Sunrise To Infinity (I. Dirge of Fire, II. World of Silence, III. Dance in the Embers, IV. Silence (Reprise), V. Dirge (Reprise), IV. Pain of the Sun)
6. Lifelessly Awake

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After multiple lineup changes, band names and sound variations, Silence In The Grey have recently released their "When The Trees Cried Silver" EP. The opening track rips a famous riff from a popular older metal band which sets the tone for the entire track. The vocals add a bit of dark appeal as it fades into an almost doom metal feel. The ending of the track is chaotic and memorable. The second track "Prophecy Of The Damned" is the shortest track on the EP clocking in at the three minute mark. The track is full of just straight up no frills metal. The track brings to mind an influence of Motorhead as its vocals and riffs are just high octane metal all around. "As She Lay Dying" starts off with a bass riff that then kicks into scaling guitar and drum work. The track is the longest track at eight and a half minutes. The track tells a very detailed story and theme. It's more melodic and atmospheric than the previous tracks. The title track "When The Trees Cried Silver" is next and slows things down a bit. The track really shows off the talents of what the band is capable of. This track seems more natural sounding to their own style of sound than the other tracks on the album. The fifth track with its excessively long track name conjures up shades of Cradle Of Filth with its dark overtones and growling vocals. Any fan of black/doom metal should really dig this track. The closing track "Lifelessly Awake" has a southern draw sound to it. The guitar work on this track is incredible. The track closes out the EP very solidly.

The EP has more going for it than showing on the surface. The band shows a ton of depth in their songs. If they stay more consistent with certain variables, they could showcase it more and build their own identity. If they stick with it and evolve, the genre could be in for a real treat.