-Review- Inside A Sinner - Son Of Violence EP (2014)

Inside A Sinner
From: Uppsala, Sweden
Sounds like: Metalcore



1. Broadcast Pt 1; The Epidemic
2. Influences
3. Son Of Violence
4. A Perceptive Line
5. Life Changer ft Viktor Nordendahl
6. Peak & Dagger
7. Broadcast Pt 2; Closure

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Inside A Sinner is a melodic metalcore band from Uppsala, Sweden. The opener "The Broadcast Pt 1; Epidemic" has a very 28 Days Later vibe to it as it sets the tone with its apocalyptic vibe and synth laden breakdown. Not too gloomy, not too cheery. "Influences" kicks in with an almost Bury Tomorrow type riff. Right off the bat, it's aggressive metalcore right in your face. "Son Of Violence" features a tad more electronics than the previous track but doesn't get too much in the way. It's very passionate metalcore and has an early The Ghost Inside comparison to the track. "A Perceptive Line" is a five minute track but would be a fan favorite. It has a lot going on and is a must hear. "Life Changer" features Viktor Nordendah and doesn't disappoint. The track opens with a gang chant followed up by Parkway Drive esque vibe. The track is a standout and builds up to an utter explosion of sound. "Peak & Dagger" has an Feed Her To The Sharks like aggression. It's a solid track that sets the tone for the closing track. The closing track is "Broadcast Pt 2' Closure" and just like the intro, its moody and atmospheric. It brings to mind that after listening to the EP, it all makes everything that much better.


Inside A Sinner's debut EP is raw and powerful. Their style of melodic metalcore will put Sweden on the map for the genre. The EP will blow the ears off of any metalcore fan. Welcome to your new favorite band metalcore fan.