-Review- Jagged Lines - "Free Yourself To Pieces"

San Diego, CA rock band Jagged Lines get their "Free Yourself To Pieces" album reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: San Diego, CA
Sounds like: Rock

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Jagged Lines is out to prove that rock and roll is not dead. Jagged Lines has a history of going with coast to coast with their brand of straight up, no frills rock and roll. Their full length album delivers on the promise that they deliver artistically minded rock and roll. The album starts off with an alternative rock riff from the first track "Tomorrow Never Comes". The track brings to mind 90's rock vocals and instrumentation. It starts things off nicely and sets the tone. "The Way Back" has almost punk undertones as it gets a dash fast throughout the track. It's a track that will appeal to fans that want a little faster rock track. The first single and track they shot a music video for is up next in "Kickin' The Habit". The track has an almost White Stripes riff to open up the song. The track is pure rock true and true. It's a great driving song and we can see being a crowd favorite with its easy to sing along chorus and head bopping melody. "Last Time Around" adds an element in piano parts and it works wonderfully. The track is catchy as hell. "Prosody" slows things down with its almost grunge like attitude mixed with an early 2000's alternative metal sounding riff. It's different but it works well. "The Fault" brings to mind an early Weezer type sound. It's a truly great rock song and could be seen as a radio hit. "This Is How We Say Hello" is a chunky sounding track that really takes things up a notch. "Klaus Nomi (Has a Posse)" keeps the tempo at a very chill pace with its instrumentation. "Snow Day" and "Harlot Radio" keep the Jagged Lines trademark sound going at a rapid clip. "Alone" is a very personal slowed down track that encompasses a ton of passion and intimacy within the track. "The Devil's Waiting Room" and the "Sound & Fury" round out the album bringing a close such a great rocking album. Rock on rock music, you have Jagged Lines coming for the rock music crown.

Jagged Lines rocks your socks off. If you yearn for an excellent rock album, look no further. The melodies, catchy riffs, and overall catchy rock songs on this album is a refreshing album on the rock scene.