-Review- Bear Fight - "Round 2"

Newport Beach, CA punk rock band Bear Fight gets their "Round 2" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Newport Beach, CA
Sounds like: Punk Rock

It's no secret that Orange County has made a name for itself within the punk and hardcore scene. Bands from Atreyu, Reel Big Fish, Avenged Sevenfold, Sublime, No Doubt and of course Social Distortion all came up in the OC scene. Bear Fight brings their style of punk rock to the forefront with their "Round 2" EP (which was tracked and mixed by Eddie Casillas of the Voodoo Glow Skulls). The first track "Ashes Of Hope" kicks right in with a upbeat punk riff reminiscent of Pennywise. The track really keeps things at a frantic clip as it features a tad of gang vocals and just a great punk sound to it. It may remind listeners at 90's punk with early The Offspring. "Civil Liberties" still keeps things fast and rocking. It's a bit of a throwback track that compares to early punk rock. "The Lonely Grave Of Paula Scholtz" continues on the groove of the last track and compliments it well. The short punk, tad old school hardcore influence is present throughout its mere two minute span. "Why Try" features a great guitar riff in the beginning and near the end and it doesn't let up for the listener to take a breather. It's fast, rockin and such a great driving track. It's not even ten minutes into the EP and it's like listening to an energy shot for your eardrums. "Bear Fight" is a minute long to close out the EP. The track features feedback and then transitions a gang chant that will sure get the punk crowds singing along. Awesome closer to an extraordinary EP.

Any and every fan of punk will dig this EP. Bear Fight has brought OC punk and mixed it with their style. The results are an astounding YES! that punk fans should pick this up immediately.