-Review- Draped In Dread - "Our Misconception" EP

Feasterville, PA metalcore band Draped In Dread gets their "Our Misconception" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.
From: Feasterville, PA
Sounds like: Metalcore

Pennsylvania has always been a breeding ground for incredible metal and hardcore bands. From Paint It Black and Zao to War Of Ages and August Burns Red, PA has always has a firm place in the metal and hardcore scene. Draped In Dread from Feasterville, PA may just in fact be the next PA metalcore band to come up through the ranks with this EP. "Preface" is an intro track that features a very nice breakdown. The track is sure to be a nice opener for a live set. "Our Misconception" sets its teeth right in with a fast melodic metalcore sound that brings to mind early I Killed The Prom Queen or Letter To The Exiles. The cleans with the stellar guitar work makes this a great first full track on the EP. The track has a lot to like and will sure get people singing along and setting things off on the dance floor. "The Depths" is a more melodic track than the previous tracks. It still shows its ferocious teeth in the way of the many breakdowns and harsh vocals. "Chains" is a song that just brings it. The melody in the track is throughout the track in its five minute length. They show a lot of range on the track as it always keeps things interesting. "Mirrors" is the closing track and immediately the guitar work sucks in the listener. The track and EP lays a path of devastation in its wake. What more could the listener ask for?

Draped In Dread have unleashed this EP upon the metalcore world and although they're a young band, this EP can hold its own up against anyone in the genre. Two stepping, moshing, head banging, melodic sing alongs, this album has a lot of great things contained. Metalcore fans will surely be impressed with this EP.