-Review- Fragments Of Existence - "The Theorist" EP

Bloomsburg, PA based hardcore/deathcore band Fragments Of Existence gets their "The Theorist" EP reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Bloomsburg, PA
Sounds like: Hardcore/Deathcore

Northeastern PA (NEPA) have had their share of metal and hardcore bands start up and make a name for themselves. While Strength For A Reason, Wisdom In Chains and Mushmouth have all kept the scene going throughout the years, Fragments Of Existence is ready to grab the torch and set it off with their style of death metal laced with down tempo hardcore. "Breaching The Illusion" kicks things off with a death metal type opening breakdown which will open up the floor and get the circle pits started. The track sways into Six Feet Under territory before expanding into ferocious Black Dahlia Murder range. "Aphotic Damnation" smashes the listener right away and gets things jacked up. The tempo is fierce and really showcases their true potential. The sound and track open up and devastate everything in its path. "Abstracted Intentions" is the closing track and keeps things at a high clip. The time changes throughout might lead into Blood Has Been Shed or A Life Once Lost comparisons but Fragments Of Existence really make the track shine. The breakdown near the end of the track is something to hear. They close out the track with a slow breakdown that will get the dancers moving.

The EP only consists of three tracks but the sheer intensity of the track blows the doors off the standards of a short EP. Northeastern PA (and the metal/hardcore scene in general) have another winner on their hands in the blistering death metal sounds of Fragments Of Existence.