-Review- Without A Hobby - "God's Machine"

Clemmons, NC based metalcore band Without A Hobby gets their "God's Machine" album reviewed. Check out our take below.

From: Clemmons, NC
Sounds like: Metalcore

Without A Hobby is a band from Clemmons, NC that released this "God's Machine" album back in 2014. 2015 proves to be a big year for them as new music is on the horizon. Before setting into new music, let's look back and listen to their previous album "God's Machine". "Freedom: A New Form Of Slavery" is an intro track that features an audio snippet of George Bush's speech alongside a breakdown. "Their Lies Become Truth" features Adam Cody from Wretched and continues the breakdown from the previous track and builds on top of it. It devastates everything in its path with its deathcore influence. There's an early Emmure and early Bring Me The Horizon feel to the track. It's outstanding and never lets up. "Havoc" is a brutal track that is more of a metalcore type track. There's even clean singing near the end that really sets it apart from the previous tracks. "Broken Soul" opens with a crushing breakdown that is sure to give someone whiplash. The clean singing comes back in way of the chorus and has a touch of Sea Of Treachery to the track. It's probably the most melodic track on the album. "10/4" takes things down a notch into pop rock territory with a slower more intimate track. It shows off a different side of the band and shows their depth. "Rise" takes things back up to its melodic metalcore influences. It's upbeat while still catering to slower breakdown fans. The track takes a turn halfway through into more melodic range as it builds with an soft bridge before destroying everything before it with a huge breakdown. "Reverse Psychology" could be mistaken for a Six Feet Under track with its intensity and sheer brutality. Death metal dominates the track. "God's Machine" is the closing track and really shines. The track is incredible at keeping the energy to a breakneck pace. Shades of Your Demise and early As I Lay Dying are present throughout. The listener will surely crave for more after this track.

Without A Hobby come from such a rich state of metalcore and death metal history in North Carolina that they're ready to carry the torch set forth by their predecessors. This album was their 2014 release and with new music being released very soon, you can be sure that following Without A Hobby should be a must for any death metal and metalcore fan.